30% off Balenciaga stock at Richard Kidd, Vancouver

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  1. Past season stock ( cloth too) are 30% off right now
    They have the First, City, twiggy, Work and Weekender...

    Richard Kidd
    65 Water St.
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. OOOooooooooooo crap.
  4. GAH! Why do I need to go broke now???
  5. what colors are available?? and what are there hours?? :smile:
  6. Thanks for posting..please tell us more:smile:
  7. They have Rosa, Lilac and Emerald 06 colour.

    I believe the First and Twiggy both come in Rosa and emerald colour, Lilac for City and weekender ( but i'm not too sure, sorry), the Work comes in Rosa as well.

    You can call them up tomorrow or email richard@richardkidd.net

    R I C H A R D K I D D
  8. Do you know what colors they have available? In City please:smile: :shame: :flowers:
  9. THANKS for posting!!
  10. WOW, unbelievable.

    Finally, Balenciaga's on sale in my city. Im soo tempted, but Im holding out for the new colors. OHhhhh

    Thanks for posting it up!
  11. thanks for posting this!
  12. please let us know if anyone gets more info on styles and colors, ciao
  13. Im trying to call to see about a first and no one is picking up. what time do they open?? and DO they ship to the USA?
  14. Hi lv1011,

    Try again now or after 10am, i think they open at 10.
    Good Luck!!!
  15. ok just called.

    so in the first they have white, dark navy, emerald and rose 30% off.
    its 1475$ candian dollars, after the 30% 0ff its 1034$ candian dollars which is approx $920.00USD NOT a huge discount in my opinion, considering the first retails here for $995.00