30% off balenciaga at monamoore

  1. a lovely blue matelasse is available! a few other pieces, too! at monamoore.com

    snap 'em up!
  2. OMG Brief GH SOLD OUT :crybaby::crybaby:
  3. oh dang! it was there earlier! sorry you didn't land it. give them a call. they have areally nice staff and might have other items not posted on the web site.

    i'm just sad their lanvin isn't on sale!
  4. Is that a sandstone day, if so, wasn't someone desperately looking for one...Nanaz maybe. Can anyone remember?
  5. Just checked on ateliernaff & I think its actually not a day, but something like a courier.
  6. wow i just knew about this store is in Canada!
    at least no need to worry about the PST and also custom charges :biggrin:
    thanks mercer :smile:
  7. Great store to add to our list!