30% Off B-Bags at Gretta Luxe - HURRY, HURRY!!!

  1. Dagg-nabb-it ... I missed out ... but the rest of you don't have to!!! Hurry, because they've already sold out of a lot!! This is what they have left:
    1. Lilac: Box
    2. Emerald: Weekender, Courier and First
    3. Ink: Weekender
    Here's the number: Gretta Luxe; 781.237.7010
  2. Holy Moly!!!!!!!! an Ink Weekender would be TDF!!! Thanks CeeJay!
  3. Thanks, ceejay!!!
  4. Thanks Ceejay for the heads up!!
  5. Thank you so much Ceejay!
  6. OMG!!! Ooooh! I wonder if all the S/S 06 colors will be on sale everywhere?!? Thanks soooo much for the heads up, Ceejay!!! :heart:
  7. Does anyone call what they have left? TIA
  8. I think it depends ... on how much stock they have left and how much stock they will be getting in for Fall.

    For instance, I was just at Barneys this last weekend and while they had some B-Bags on sale, they were the older (and uglier) styles ... NONE of the "motorcycle"-style bags. However, they still had a fair number of bags left ... so, I wouldn't be surprised if they put those bags on sale later on in the season.
  9. If Gretta had a Lilac or Ink Twiggy, I would soooo totally have nabbed one! lol! I'm super duper hoping more stores will follow suit. :graucho: Thanks again for letting us know, Ceejay! :flowers:
  10. I know that Barneys/Chestnut Hill had a Lilac Twiggy, but it's not on sale. Then again ... seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if the bags go on sale when the stores start getting inundated with the Fall '06 bags ...
  11. Oooh! Did the Lilac look like Cate's or did it have those odd grey cadaverish undertones? How was the leather on it? Did they have more than one? :graucho:
  12. Ceejay - thank you so much for posting this! I just got back from Greta Luxe!!! (yes- I am psycho:nuts: ) They had a lilac work and I bought it!!! I couldn't believe it- they had the bag I wanted! YAY!:yahoo: I got there just as they were closing.

    All they have left is the ink weekender, emerald green weekender and an emerald green first! I must say I really liked the emerald!
  13. OMG, i'm sooooooooooo excited, you're my lilac work twin :yahoo:

    p.s. jag, you've gotta grab that ink weekender girl!!!
  14. Yay!!! Congrats, zacorey!!! Woohoo! i can't wait to see pics!!! :heart:
    Do you remember how the leather on the Ink weekender was? Was it thin, veiny, and crackly at all?
  15. I really really do not need to visit posts like this! But I can't help it!!! Congrats everyone who snagged a great bag!!!