30% off at WinkNYC.com (Anna Corinna, Rebecca Minkoff)

  1. Use code DCWINK for 30% off at http://www.winknyc.com/

    I believe this is good thru Monday, 9/3.

    They have an exclusive cobalt color for Anna Corinna!

  2. Wow!! Great sale..thanks for posting!!!:yahoo:
  3. So tempted but going on vacation soon and need to be frugal!
  4. Wonderful sale! I really want the Moni Moni Splendor bag, and a couple of dresses...but I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban!! Ahh!
  5. cute bag!! Im also going on vacation soon so its save save save for me :sad:
  6. OMG. What a beautiful color. Since I already have the jet setter in glazed black, and a mini city in olive - I think I might go for the city tote. I just need to see some pics of it to decide if it's too big. I like big bags but whew, it does look quite huge. :sweatdrop:
  7. You know, I thought about it....when a bag is that big - in a colour like this - it starts to look like a giant blueberry. :lol:
  8. I tried the code on a sale item and it wouldn't take it. Oh well, a girl can try. I got a Rachel Pally Mexico wrap dress, reg. $203 for $101.99 and no shipping so I'm a happy girl! Thanks for posting- I hadn't heard of that site.
  9. i have the black morning after mini with the gold hardware- the gold is not that brassy and shiny its like a subdued tone. i like the woven accents on this new one. good deal with the discount...
  10. Thank you for the code!! I just placed my order for the RM morning after mini in black and grey for $313 :yahoo:
  11. That cobalt Mini City is gorgeous! :drool: This forum is the mortal enemy of my bank account (and my husband)! I am sooo tempted to get it.
  12. ooooh that cobalt is beautiful. How many blue bags does a person need, do you think? 5? 6? 118?
  13. I've got 3, so I'm thinking at least 4...
  14. AAAAHhh, why do you tempt me. I love that bag. LOVE it. And that's a great deal....but I really shouldn't....