30% off at outlets tomorrow!

  1. Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet. I'm out and about and on my phone which is slowwww when not on wifi so I wasn't really able to double check before posting. Just left one of my outlets here in Vegas, one of my fave managers told me to wait until tomorrow because a new sale is starting 30% off :smile: He said to watch my email. So ladies check your emails, hopefully this will be everywhere!
  2. Wow, thanks for the heads up! Hope there's something good still left!
  3. Awesome! I see a PA coming :p

    well time for a PA

    I posted the other day it would be back - BOOYAH damn I am gooodddddddddddddddddd
  5. Girl, we thought PA the same time :p.

    You are GOOD!

  6. Yes you are!!!!
  7. He also told me they just started unpacking a couple boxes of deletes! So far he said all he saw was a couple poppy glam totes, gold and silver. I had to leave for a nail appt. but I will be back tomorrow morning :smile:
  8. Hot damn! Price adjustment time! I hate lugging all the bags back to the outlet though!

    Now do I use the savings to justify keeping grey taupe python Laila or return and buy another bag??? Decisions, decisions...

  9. girl put then in a piece of luggage and get ya MONEY and get something else


  10. girl u know how I do it - I have FOUR baby sages to get PAs on BOO to the damn YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. NICE! I haven't even picked up my charge-hold and I have to get a PA on it .. LOL!

    I am SURE that I can find something else while I am there ;)

  12. Must be the new deletes
    heard it was some poppy
    3 madison (siggy Lindsey, Maggie and sophia)
    and some Chelsea
  13. You owe me a keyboard! I just spewed soda, busting out laughing at the thought of me rolling into Coach with my suitcase full of bags! :roflmfao:
  14. \
  15. oh I want to know which sophia is going to be deleted hoho!