30% off at Off Saks Outlet

  1. Thanks so much...will go and see if there is anything great!!!!
  2. Any current email coupons valid for next week?
  3. Thanks, but I can't get there August 3 or August 4 (fine print stinks!).

    And the rest of the coupon that extends it until August 8 is only on shoes.

    Anyone have a 25% off coupon for next week, other than shoes?
  4. They were mailing out coupons good for next week and there were multiple coupons for 25% of shoes, handbags, clothing etc. I'm sorry, but I don't have a link to it.:push:
  5. the store has a pile of 25% coupon valid 8/10-8/19 at each register, just go and ask for one, i got one in the mail and asked for one today.
    Now i have 1 extra, i can put in the mail for the 1st person PM me.
  6. I went to off 5th and last call (Discover Mill, Atlanta, GA) today. Both off 5th and last call had a number of kooba bags. Off 5th had sienna (with engraved? leather) and carla(?) or maria(?) (not sure which name is the right one..they look alike to me). Last call also had either marica or carla and paige. They were priced around mid $200 ~ low $300 (with 25% off coupon next week, it could be a good deal).

    I really liked paige but it was too heavy for me. Sienna was even heavier....