30% off at max and chloe

  1. www.maxandchloe.com

    just bought a buncha kenneth jay lane and cc skye for 30% off
    use code: toutie30
  2. This promo code is AWESOME, ABACOHOPE!!! I've been wanting a KJL strawberry necklace since a couple of days ago. M&C sent a $10 couple but didn't even give me a promo code! Now I'm saving over 30 bucks!!! Thank you!
  3. your welcome...i got the same one!
  4. Great code! Thanks for posting!! I got the KJL Pear pendant in black..


    and one of the new CC Skye Screw bracelets in green.. which is especially awesome because they are $145 on Kitson but only $105 here!

  5. Thanks! I just placed an order for KJL necklace.
  6. Do you know when this code expires?
  7. Another great place to get KJL jewels from is www.frankeys.com

    I bought my KJL strawberry necklace from there a couple months ago and they were awesome. SHIPPING IS FREE (I literally received my necklace 2 days after ordering), and their mark ups aren't as much as other stores. On their site, the same KJL strawberry crystal necklace is $100 instead of the $113+ So, w/ 25% off I got it for $75 shipped.

    The code is "toutie25".

    I also got the cute yellow flower ring attached to go w/ a yellow Ella Moss dress I have. LOL

    Oh, and they have wonderful clothes too!

    Sorry for the long post...it's late and I tend to ramble when I get excited. :rolleyes:

    kenneth jay lane turquoise strawberry pendant.jpg KJL yellow flower ring.jpg
  8. It doesn't. If you go to www.toutie.com, they have all sorts of advertisements and promo codes that they endorse. :yes:
  9. i must know how the ring fits - ive been eyeing it for awhile...is it big and bulky? i have skinny fingers so im afraid it would look way to big!
  10. I like it, but I like wearing "flashy" things sometimes. LOL I like to do that, especially when I'm keeping everything else cute and simple.

    I have what I would say are medium size fingers? They look slender because my nails always look nice (sorry not trying to sound conceited or something, but I have been told this by many people LOL)

    I haven't actually worn it yet. I got it forever ago, and have very little yellow in my wardrobe and I was awaiting the arrival of my dress (should be here tomorrow or Friday). :smile:

    But, I love it. You can always return it if you feel it doesn't look right on you.


    P.S. His pieces are attention grabbers for sure. I wore my KJL turquoise strawberry necklace for the first time a couple weekends ago and I got asked countless times where I got it, and my b/f (who could care less) even noticed it and asked where it had been all this time. HA
  11. And, what goodies did you buy?! ;) I have had my strawberry necklace forever and never wore it, and then I decided to wear it again today and again, so many compliments at the hospital! :smile:
  12. the code is expired?
  13. Strange...lots of people must have been using it?

    "toutie" or "toutie20" will give you 20% if what you need is on Max&Chloe. Of course, it's not 30% off, but better than nothing I suppose.

    Good luck!
  14. yeah.. but I'm buying buch of stuff... 30% does make a big different...

    Has anyone used the 30% off code after my post?
  15. I just tried to use the code... it has expired. :tdown:

    I wanted to get the black CC Skye screw bracelet. I bet it's because Daily Candy featured it, and everyone went looking for someplace that sells it with a code.