30% off at MAC

  1. I recently got my Estheticians license and I just found out that I can sign up for a 30% off membership card at MAC. I just have to pay 30 anually.

    Does anyone have this?

    How has it treated ya?

    Do you know if anywhere else offers programs like this for licensed people?
  2. I guess no 1 has anything to say about this. :sad: hehee
  3. How did you find this out. I have a cosmetology license (which include MU application) and I'd like more info.
  4. Call MAC and ask.
  5. wtf!
  6. They said it depends on what you do, ( your license)

    I guess if ur're a make up artist u may get more percentage off!

    Someone call them and ask them what licenses are acceptable!
  7. my aunt has this! so each xmas, she takes me to MAC and i splurge!

    sorry that wasnt much help.
  8. i tried to use my friend's MAC discount today, but they wouldn't let me use it without him present and his CC. he had to stop in and buy my stuff so that I could get the discount... so to use the discount, only you, the cardholder, can use it. It's ok to bring friends along, but the payment has to come out of your pocket(cash or CC). Otherwise, the staff doesn't even blink an eye when you present your card. he's a hair and makeup agent and gets a great discount!
  9. OK. The card is called the MAC Pro Card and is available thru MACPRO.com to licensed technicians (i.e. Estheticians, MUA, Hair Stylists and Nail Techs.) for a fee of $35 per year.

  10. whoa cool. i didnt know they were ok with bringing friends in bc at my school they were makin it a big deal sayin u have 2 go alone n such.

  11. i'm a dancer and also worked in the theater and i get the discount too.
  12. My friend gets 40% off and pays yearly also but forgot how much. Employees at the MAC store gets 60% off :nuts:
  13. yeah i get 40% off

    totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!
  14. you only get 60% if you have a permant position at a counter or store for mac like not freelance because i work for mac and i still only get 40%
  15. I have one and I get 40% off because I am a makeup artist. Its a great deal but I do think the quality isnt what it used to be Pre Estee Lauder buying them out...IMHO