30% off at LeSportsac website

  1. I just got an e-mail from DailyCandy.com, if you do not subscribe you should sign up. Anyways, just got an e-mail with a promo code DCPROMO to get 30% off of anything on the LeSportsac website.
    Happy Shopping.:tup:
  2. Hi! I was just coming here to post that. That's really cool. Does anyone know when the new prints will be up on the LeSportSac website? I wonder how long the code will last?

  3. Ooo... how long does that last for?
  4. HEY the code actually worked I got a trenino Spiaggia for $208 bucks with an $89 discount!
  5. Awesome...I wonder if they can get tutti up there soon. :cursing:
  6. Congrats! haha I'm scouring the selections, wondering if there's anything I may want :p
  7. Heh, the Lesportsac website is soooo sllooooowwww I think because we're all looking at it!!
  8. I know hahaha I thought it was just my computer lagging :p
  9. Isn't most of the spiaggia toki sold out? :cursing:
  10. Yup the site is slow but i did order a Spiaggia Campeggio for 112
  11. Aw, man, everything that I wanted in Spiaggia is sold out, Mamma Mia, Stellina, Zucca, Cucciolo... they're all gone! Plus, with tax and shipping, it's not as good of a deal as I'd hoped. :tdown:
  12. Booo... I really wanted a gioco, but I bought a ciao instead~
  13. Thank you for the code. I guess I will go ahead and order my wallet.
  14. The denaros are sold out :sad:
  15. crud...$82 to ship to Canada :cursing: