30% off at Blue Heaven Boutique

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  1. "Receive a 30% off coupon when you like us on Facebook
    and m
    ake a comment. Tell us who your favorite designer is
    and we'll
    send you a coupon for 30% off.

    If you already like us on Facebook just comment on our
    facebook page and tell us who your favorite designer is.
    We'll send you the coupon too!"


  2. Thank you! Really good deal!
  3. BTW, I love Blue Heaven Boutique! Over the past few weeks I've placed two orders from them. Super fast processing and shipping plus they promptly answered an email regarding washes and fit on some shorts. And of course I'm loving the shorts, so that helps! You should definitely feel confident ordering from them.
  4. Just an FYI - if you order and return, you only get a store credit. It happened to me, but I figured it was my fault, since I didn't check before I ordered...I had to find something else to buy for almost $200.00!

    So...buyer beware...