30% OFF Anything Cole Haan

  1. Hi team,

    Use code: GUEST and get 30% on everything Cole Haan related at ColeHaan.com


  2. Thanks so much! When does it expire?
  3. It expires on Sunday, November 18th.
  4. does this code work on sale items?
  5. Just experimented with a pair of sale boots & it DOES work on sale items too!
  6. Oh thanks! I've been eyeing a bag.
  7. My friend both two items on sale and it worked on two sales items as well
  8. whoot! They have the gunmetal triple satchel in stock again, right before this sale is ending which I bought for 294 with taxes and shipping which is still cheaper than eBay. Ok really need to stick to my bag ban now! ^^*
  9. [​IMG]
    I got this bag!! I am so excited for it to arrive!!
  10. i just ordered the leopard print fiona high air pumps. i hope they are comfortable. i only wear cole haan air nike shoes.
  11. I saw a lady with a Cole Haan bag today and I loved it. I found it on sale, online and then I was able to use the coupon for an extra 30% off!! Yay!

    I just ordered the small dome satchel from the kaylie collection.

    I cant wait for it to arrive.
  12. I love that patent murrance. Post modeling pics when you get it! it looks so beautiful but I'm too chicken to sport patent!
  13. are these nike air pumps comfortable?
  14. I will for sure post pics of the patent bag when I get it..I am very curious to see what it looks like irl! I should get it on Tues, so watch for the pics. Thanks!:lol:
  15. I just ordered two pairs of the nike air pumps. hope they are comfortable. free shipping with $300 or more purchase, so can always return at the store if they don't fit well or look not so good IRL.