30% off any bag for non repairable bag?

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  1. So last week I took my rose patent Zoe to my FP store to be sent in for repair. They took it to a local repair shop and it couldn't be fixed. I went to pick it up today and they offered me a 30% discount on any bag. I thought they normally offered 40%. I took the 30% without hesitation but I thought it should be 40%. Any thoughts?
  2. Hm. I thought it was 40% off (you keep the bag) or full credit if they keep the bag. I've only had one issue and they offered full credit on the spot as it was a known sealant issue. Can't remembered if they offered a % off or not, as I wasn't planning on keeping it.
  3. I got 40% and still have the bag
  4. I got 40% off but it was like pulling teeth to get it. And I still have the original bag.
  5. I got to keep the bag but I won't carry it. The sealant is peeling and it looks like crap.

    O well. I ordered the teal maggie with PCE and she is TDF!!
  6. I sent my Carly in for repair and they couldn't fix her so they sent me a 40% off letter and my bag back. This was, maybe, a month ago.
  7. I got 40% off and my bag back a few months ago.
  8. Maybe they are changing the policy but I was in last weekend and got 40% on the spot and told that because my bag was over a certain age that she could not give me full credit. I didn't argue just bought another bag. I was given the bag back but the piping has come out so it will not be used anymore.
  9. I don't mean to piggy back here, but my SO's mom has a classic older Coach, and the turnlock is loose. Do you think that there is a chance that if she brought it into Coach, that it could be repaired?
  10. When I took my Carly in, they gave me full credit on the spot for a new bag. I had to use the credit right then and any leftover would lost.
  11. I've never heard of 30%. I sent in a bag in June and got 40%. Maybe Coach has changed it's policy.
  12. The sealant CAN be repaired!! I took one of my Legacy bags that the sealant was totally wore off the handles into my boutique. They said Coach would not repair it BUT they have a local repair leather smith that is a Coach "Certified" repair place. They send all their Coach bags to him that they know Coach will not fix...one being sealant issues. I sent my Coach Legacy Slim Tote to him to have both handles resealed. Coach paid for it but the bottom line cost was $8.00. It is worth sending anything to him if you really want the bag. If you want his contact info let me know. He is in Michigan.... Does excellent work...
  13. ive got a lily with sealant issues,the strap is separating in a few areas as well,it was made according to the creed L0769-11150. if i sent it will they fix it at jax give a 40%coupon or credit? what is too old? i keep hearing its a year then i hear 5. im confused. i wish they would fix her or replace her with a "hidden" stock lol.
  14. Just curious, where at in MI? I'm in MI too and would love to know if there is someone local I can trust with my bags :smile: