30 Montaigne - which color do you like best?

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  1. CEFC1B26-84E4-4442-85E2-38463CF2E212.jpeg Trying to decide between the off-white and black. I love the white with gold hw combination, but the leather on the black one is different - it’s more like Hermès Swift with an amazing sheen. The white is more like Hermès Box. Which do you prefer?
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  2. ...Or do you guys not like this bag at all? Please let me know. Thanks!
  3. This style was on my eye since I saw it, i’m considering it can be my next purchase but now I’m in Ban Island now. Lol. I prefer it in the black/blue canvas, I wonder if the color leather could be scratched easily.
    But if I have to choose black or white, I pick black even I have too many black bags. White is pretty but need to baby it.
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  4. Have you seen them iRL?

    I like a lot in the pics, and am disappointed iRL
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  5. I love this bag. I am not a white bag person so I’d pick black. I would choose it for myself in blue oblique
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  6. The SA at Dior proposed to me this bag during my latest visit to the store but I'm not into it.
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  7. Yes, I saw them in real life. To be honest, I’m a little unsure about the white because the leather didn’t wow me, but the leather on the black one was gorgeous and very lux. It has a sheen to it that the white one doesn’t have. If you’re familiar with Hermès leathers, it reminded me of swift. The white one was more matte and less lux (to me, anyway). But the white/gold hardware combo is gorgeous. Why didn’t you like the bag?
  8. What didn’t you like about it?
  9. I haven't seen it yet

    I said about dislikes in general

    My eye is on a burgundy or blue oblique bag.
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  10. Ohhh! I misunderstood. I hope you like them when you see them! The oblique ones are beautiful too.
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  11. I recently got mine in blush color. Was initially looking for diorama in blush or nude color but I didn't like the leather texture of the seasonal ones they had available, and timing worked out in such that 30 Montaigne became available. On my first impression I'm very happy so far. Love the smooth calf leather outside and lamb skin lining inside is so lux. I picked blush color because that's the type of color I was looking for to begin with, but white on this gold hw looks very pretty at least in a picture. You seem you like the black one better?
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  12. Oh, I’ve seen photos of the blush. It’s gorgeous! I have so many black bags, so I want to like the white better. But I like the texture of the leather better on the black one. They both have smooth leather, but the black one has a gorgeous sheen to it and the white one is more matte. Does the blush leather have a sheen?
  13. I got the burgundy oblique. It’s beautiful! Of the white and black, I prefer the black. I think it’ll be more usable all year and you don’t have to baby it
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  14. I think the black is the winner here. It has a nicer finish on the leather, and it won't show dirt as easily. I do suggest trying the blush one. It may not have the same sheen due to its lighter colour, but it is gorgeous!
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  15. Ummm I think the blush one has sheen under the light too but I think it depends on the lighting so it’s hard to tell.. I haven’t seen the black one in person so I can’t really compare, sorry. Let us know which one you decide in the end!
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