30% Labor Day sale Hammitt Collections

  1. Hammitt bags are on sale for 30% off all through the Labor Day weekend. Hammittcollections.com
  2. Thanks for the post! Is there a code? I went to the website, and it looks like everything is still regular price :shrugs:
  3. No code - contact them by phone or in your email, put a reminder note about the sale in it. It's good for everything on the site, but some items may have to be special ordered (belts, for example, which can be customized with silver or gold studs)...
  4. Can you tell me what the Hammitt bags are like? Are the leathers tdf? Lining? I'm such a succor for a sale, I'm scaring myself this weekend! LOL.:yes:
  5. :tup:Thanks bunches! I emailed her for the code, and Stef sent me her cell and store numbers! Very nice!:yes: