30 hours in Paris


Nov 13, 2006
Day 1 - arriving CDG Airport at 5:30am

Waiting outside FSH at 10:15am. Admiring the amazing window display and trying to see which SA looks "nicest". More and more people gathered outside the shop (almost 20!), some of them who are men and women at their 50s looked like they were joining a guided tour in the shop (which turns out to be so).

10:30am, door opens. Heart pounding....

Approached a lady SA for the Breloque charms. She said there's only a gold one in the shop.

Went upstairs to the bag section. Browsing for a while and no 30 / 35 Birkin at sight (except 3 vert anis, rouge H and black ones, all croc with diamond hardware). Approached a male SA who is friendly. He checked the computer record and told me there is no 30 Birkin in the shop that moment. He asked me to go back again in the afternoon after 2:30pm, if there is nothing I want I can make a request (not sure if this equals to "make request from podium order"?)

I was then asked which colour I like. I told the male SA I need some light / bright colours for my collection and my first choice being parchemin. He told me parchemin is going to rest....My 2nd choice rouge garance will have a better chance, and it's also a good choice as this one is getting rare according to him.

11:30am - At George V. No luck.

12:30pm- I went into FSH Mothershio again as hubby was buying huge at Lanvin accross the street. No sight of Birkin, only saw a customer trying on a 35 BBB with GHW (which this bag was not being purchased even in the same afternoon). Another male SA asked if he could of any help. He checked for me and there was still no Birkin. He told me to come back at around 4 or 5pm, and saying also that rouge garance is easier to get than parchemin. But he did not say right the way that I can make the request for the bag - just wink and covered the record book!

2:30pm - Back to FSH. The first male SA I met was there after his lunch. Still no delivery of Birkin to the shop - he said there's no Birkin either the day before (!!). So he put my name for request of the bag - discussed with him what should I get....a white one? a rouge vif one? Finally decided on a rouge garance 30cm clemence with PHW. He said if I'm luck the bag can be delivered within 1 week to 6 months. Patiently waiting......;)

Hubby got losanges and ties.

Day 2 - 10:30am at the "new" shop at 16 Rue de Grenelle

No sight of Birkin still. But I like the atmosphere of the store very much. Finally in the "mood" to look into the scarves and bought myself a 90cm silk twill Tohu Bohu carre in blue / pink colorway. The lady SA said it's a new reproduction of the print. Love it more and more....

10:55am - hopped on taxi back to our hotel at Vendome, grabbed the luggages and headed to CDG.

The end :smile:
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Jul 4, 2008
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There has been a BBB at the store for more than a year--it is the store "sample" and will never be sold, if that is the one you saw. Fun to look at and touch...I often see it on the counters.


Nov 13, 2006
There has been a BBB at the store for more than a year--it is the store "sample" and will never be sold, if that is the one you saw. Fun to look at and touch...I often see it on the counters.
Thinking back that might be the one - and also an orange 40cm Birkin "sample" too...

Ms Birkin

Jun 21, 2008
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What a great story and I'm so pleased that you got to order a Birkin.Will look forward to your reveal. I love it when members are able to place an order for something they really want


Mar 25, 2007
LuvBirkin: congrats on placing your red birkin order.

the tohu bohu reprint in silk, is it only for Paris or international?



Waiting for Birkin!
Apr 14, 2007
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Congratulations on your upcoming rg birkin!! I adore rouge garrance, you are so lucky to have been able to place an order!!! Could you please post a pic of the TB scarf? I collect the pattern and the fact that a new c/w is being reproduced is music to my ears!!

Mme CLMdeF

Jul 26, 2009
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Congratulations on placing an order for your new Birkin!!

I really want to know the winning formula in Paris...
I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago with my friend who wanted to place an order for a Black B but was told that she can't place an order....

The SAs were all really nice and I purchased quite a bit of stuff from the saddle department... She was sooooo disappointed and upset and I felt so bad for her. :sad:


Jan 29, 2007
Congratulations on placing your order and on your new Tohu Bohu scarf. Can't wait to see your reveal when it arrives. Wonderful choice!


May 12, 2007
Dear LuvBirkin, congrats for placing an order, thanks for your Paris report, an interesting read :smile:


Nov 13, 2006
:ty: LittleH, queenvictoria2, Perigord, Syma, Ms Birkin, bluewin, fendibbag, Mme CLMdeF, tnw, Kellybag and IceEarl!

bluewin, I haven't checked my local store yet but I believe the TB 90cm silk carre is not a Paris exclusive (though I can foresee it'll be gone in a snap). There was another one in orange colorway. Seems like another tPFer PsychoBagLady got hers from the airport:


Mme CLMdeF, as a complete newbie at FSH and after hearing so many stories, it appears that luck is important for the hunt. At the time I checked with the lady SA at the accessories counter I also asked "may I know if you have any 30cm Birkin in store?" she only directed me to the bags section. Same question from me to different SAs and they gave me the same answer - though I was prepared to buy some other items as some people have told me in order to request for a bag. Despite the fact that one may need to lurk for a bit before a SA from bags section can serve you, somehow it might worth the wait for the "right" person.... :shrugs: