30 GB iPod Cases?

  1. Hey Guys! I hope I'm positing this in the right spot... I have a 30 GB Video iPod and have not been able to find a case for it ANYWHERE! I originally wanted a Juicy Couture case, but haven't been able to find one. It seems everyones just making shuffle and mini cases these days. What designers have cases out for the bigger iPods? What do you guys carry?
  2. i couldnt find a nice designer one so i ended up buying Tokidoki for iSkin Vibes. I received it yesterday and it was wayyyy cute! you can find it on iskin.com or link to it through tokidoki
  3. I use my LV one for my 60gb, love it.
  4. i just adore the tokidoki skins!
  5. I got one at the Coach outlet - they had several in leather and in the signature. I've also seen some cute ones at Target.
  6. I love your LV case!!!
    I gotta find one for my iPod nano...