30% discount Balenciaga stock at LVR

  1. hey guys, pm me if you want LVR's inventory for 30 % off. Generally, emerald city, red city (could't tell which, but I'll investigate). A few planet/boobies, few tiny shoulder bags, a truffle shopper. A couple of mini classiques.
  2. I did send you a pm
  3. me too, thanks!
  4. Me too! Thanks!
  5. Me 3, thank you!
  6. Ladies, I need your email address in your PM. My box is full of message and only 3 people gave me their email addresses.
  7. Thanks Decophile! Got your email!
  8. oh! i don't need it anymore, thanks anyway! =)
  9. I pmed you thanks~
  10. ^ me too
  11. I PM-d you! Thanks :flowers:
  12. so how do we contact them to place an order?
  13. Can someone email me the info?
  14. I've just placed an order for the rouille city (i think it's rouille). Am waiting to hear back from them!

    You order by emailing them with the item code etc.
  15. no website?