30 days VERO listing limit. Your experience and solution

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    After listing 20 Prada Purses I was limited out. How many listings a month I am able to file from now and on ? I mean exact number. I sell Prada Purses 100% authentic and have 100% positive feedback. I am sure some ebay sellers have to deal with this limitation issue. I tried to list same items in Anything else section to get around but same thing ...... I am limited this month. I mailed ebay asking how many items I can list with this limitation. The answer is blah-blah-blah..... crap. Let's post here your experience and solution.
  2. I tried to find out the number of Balenciaga Handbags you can list on Ebay each month, but I called and they would not tell me what they call the " Magic " number.
    I did not know that every time you revise an Ebay listing it counts as a "new" listing.....at one point I had a bunch of Balenciaga bags listed, and I edited each one alot and reached my selling limit by revising.
    I know that the limit is one Chanel bag a month, right?
    I too would be curious to know what the monthly limits are on Ebay!
  3. This is nuts, ebay limits your lisitings to number you have no rights no know. I listed 20 purses of same PRADA brand revised many times and got limited to...... what number? Also it is for sure the revise counts as a new listing?!
    Ok, ebayers let's get the numbers! Knowing the limit helps everybody in the future. So far we have:
    Chanel ------- one purse per month
    Prada--------- still a mistery
    add what you have
  4. The limits are not the same for everyone. Some people are limited to 1-3 designer items every 30 days. If you were able to list 20, you're ahead of many others.

    You can request that your restriction be lifted, but that doesn't always work. And if you try to get around restrictions by using the wrong category, misspelling the designer name, or other ways, that can make it worse.
  5. Are you new to eBay? If so, then there are restrictions placed upon your account until you have been on the site for a while, and have a good Seller track record. After a while, eBay will lift the restrictions, or, after receiving positive feedback from buyers and having a good detailed seller report, you can ask for the restrictions to be lifted.
  6. That happened to me last week. I called to find out when I could start listing again and the CS said they were lifting the limits because of my good track record as a seller. It was totally unexpected but I appreciated it.