30 day squat challenge

  1. So I see this making the rounds on facebook.... im willing to try it! Who else is in?!
  2. I'm in!
  3. I'm in !!!
  4. I'm in!
  5. Sounds good! I need to get my butt up to exercise..
  6. I am in:smile:
  7. Count me in.
  8. I'm doubling down
  9. omg.. I want to try this. I'm in!
  10. LOL. I started this last week.
  11. Anyone have tips for keeping count while paying attention to doing the exercise right?
  12. I'm in! starting tonight!
  13. Sounds good! Squats AND Crunches!!

    I'll start this afternoon - my legs (and probably knees), butt and belly will hate me tomorrow.
  14. Count me in. Ill start after my run this afternoon.
  15. I promise to stop hijacking after this one.