30 cm Birkin vs. 35?

  1. Ladies, I have seen a lot of you with 30cm Birkins...everything I have is 35cm Birkin, 40 Birkin, or 32 Kelly...because I've thought previously the 30cm Birkin is just too darn small...but I'm always complaining about weight.

    Is the 30cm really lighter? I like the 35cm for every day because it's the perfect size and easy to get in and out of, but there are soooo many great colors, especially in lizard and ostrich, coming out of the woodwork and I'm going nuts drooling over them.

    What do you think?
  2. I just tried on a bunch of 30cm birkins and they are just too damn small for me. I am built very broad and I dwarf the 30. I did try on a 32 HAC in Epsom and it was loads lighter than my 35 swift. I think I would stick with the size you like and just try lighter leathers
  3. When you mostly carry a 35cm Birkin, a 30 cm makes you feel light and free for a change. It is hardly noticable on your arm and not bumping into things. At least try one, you will like it for certain occasions.
  4. Thanks C

    I just saw an ostrich in black (35) but it looks a little dull...the ostrich looks so yummy in fuschia, gold, and vert anis...I think I might wait.

    I also feel like I look silly with a 30. I love the VGL and courchevel - sooo light! But I'm hearing terrible things about the epsom. I like the grain much better, though.
  5. I'll do that, Gol.

    I do love my 32 kelly(s)...they feel like the perfect size. Perhaps I need a HAC!
  6. Another thing I am wondering is how does everybody prevent people from bumping into their birkin in NYC? It's driving me absolutely mad. I almost want to take it and whack them over the head with it, and say "there! Happy now?" I'm sure I'm a lunatic.
  7. I think if you get the opportunity, try a 30 in the store. It might be a good change to your 35 as a 30 is more like a handbag, less of a tote, kwim? Anna Kournikova has been spotted with 30's, as well as Melania Trump.. there are pics in the celeb section somewhere... I'll see if I can dig it up..
  8. er... barbed wire?

    Or... have you seen Koukanamiya's avatar? You can boobie-trap your birkin.
  9. Ok, here are some pics I found saved on my pc.

    Melania Trump.jpg

    Melania Trump5.jpg

    Anna Kournikova.jpg
  10. I thought Melania had a Gold 35 :shrugs:

    I have a standard LOL - bright colors (turquoise, fuschia and orange etc) = 30. Classic colors (black, gold, rouge H etc) = 35
  11. Thanks, Serenity,

    But don't you think Melania looks silly? She looks six feet tall and is swinging that tiny little bag around...the black one looks a little better on her....and anna's scarf looks bigger than her bag is.

    BergdorfBlonde, you may be onto something with that. I think in bright or pale colors, a 30 may work (IF I can get all my bare necessities in it ;) )
    and also this applies to exotics...
    but I think for the darker colors, during the day a 35 is essential. I'm heading in to try on some in a few days...I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you all...
  12. No problem:smile:

    I think Melania looks fab actually, lol! I dunno, to me she pulls it off well. But yes, do try on a 30 and see how it feels on you.
  13. Does anyone know whether or not they make Birkin 35cm in chevre? I think I'll need one 35cm in the future (tried one before and I can actually pull it off) but I was going to get it in fuchsia epsom and they're not offering that at the moment ...
  14. I saw a HAC in 36 (or something close - I'm not an expert on HACs) in vert anis...in chevre. I think it's Citygirl __ something in Australia. I meant to ask Grand Fonds if she knows of her...they must, I would think.