30 Birkin black vachee ligee with palladium hardware

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  1. Hi

    I saw a lot of valuable information in the Hermes Shopping Thread that some kind tpfers have painstakingly collated

    Unfortunately, i don't have time to look through everything... so i am hoping that someone might be kind enough to tell me what i need to know here

    I might be going to Paris soon.. and would like to drop by an Hermes store. I am keen on the Birkin 30 Black Vache Ligee with Palladium hardware.
    I am very certain i won't find it on the shelves.

    Will Hermes take an advance order for such a bag?
    Will they even take advance orders from someone who has never bought Hermes before?
    What';s the usual waiting period for this bag>
    Will Hermes ship when the bag has arrived?
    How much will this bag cost in France and the States?

    Thanks a lot!

    If someone has a pic of this bag, i would appreciate a post or two as well.. so i am sure it's the bag i am thinking of! Thanks!
  2. Vache Liegee has been discontinued. If you really want this skin, it will only be available through resellers.
  3. i see.. what abt just normal calf leather that is textured in a slightly grainy way.. i am not sure what the proper name for it is..

  4. vachee trekking is the replacement for Vachee Ligee . Trekking is slighly softer less stiffer than Ligee. Looks VERY similar in grain.
  5. ah.. thanks.. i found out which leather it is.. that i am looking for .. it should be either the togo or this one that has a criss-cross pattern; a bit like the prada saffiano leather.. if you know what i mean.

    anyway, i will start a new thread and change the heading..

    Thanks for your replies!