30 bag give away for 30 day

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  1. oo I forgot to post this here lol, I've been playing this for 2 days and havent won jack! Not that I was expecting to lol.
  2. I know .........I won the free shipping on the next purchase ::smile:
  3. lol the girls on handbag fetish @ LJ are posting all their free shipping codes haha. I wonder if anyone won the bag yet.
  4. I never win give aways. But I always try (why not?). LOL :smile:
  5. Yeah, might as well try. Kills a bunch of time hehe.
  6. Hey guys! I won free shipping yay! I'm not going to use it though, so I thought I'd pass the code on here. Its for use @ bluefly.com.

  7. I got 10% off today ..............I think am gettin close lol
  8. hahaha well let us known when you get the hermes ;)
  9. I'll try again. I never win these things...I only win like 10% off a $500 purchase of crap I never buy. LOL
  10. They really did a good job picking the bags. They are all really hot bags, and I simply must win one of them (hopefully the Pucci)
  11. I've been playing for the past 10 days or so and I've won free shipping, 10 % but no bag. I'll keep trying. If anyone wins let us know. I'm always curious to find out who wins those type of contests