30 applications and NO calls. What am I doing wrong???

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  1. I just moved to a new state to live with my boyfriend who got into graduate school (I am 24 and have a two yr degree,and am not in school). I love living here, but after 5 weeks of endless job applications I have not had ANY interviews.
    I had planned on waiting until this summer to move here, to save money and look for a job BEFORE I got here. I ended up not having a choice and could not stay in my living situation, so I had to move here rather quickly.

    I'm running out of money, and need to be working in the next 2 weeks. I know my resume is good, and have been applying to jobs I am very qualified for. I am applying for clerical jobs, which I have several years experience in. I found two jobs that I just applied for yesterday, and they are even the exact type of job I would love to have. I'm so stressed I am just sick over it. I tried calling my parents (which is NOT something I have done) and asked for anything to help with food/bills and they said no. I have also been applying for retail jobs just to be able to live until I find a good job...and nothing.

    Please, is there anything that can help me land one of these jobs I have applied for??? I don't understand why I am not getting calls for jobs that I have several years experience in and am qualified for. I'm at the end of my rope......
  2. Are you applying in person or just online? I think going in and speaking to a manager/supervisor goes a long way!
  3. I am applying online. Im not sure going in person is appropriate?... I am applying for jobs in law offices.
  4. I know you said your resume is good, but if you'd like to me to look at it, LMK. I have redone a lot of resumes for people on tPF and elsewhere.
  5. For clerical jobs in law offices, showing up in person unannounced and asking to speak with someone in charge of hiring for these positions is inappropriate. You will likely not get very far and may actually damage your chances of obtaining a job there.

    Are there temporary or placement agencies in your area that specialize in clerical positions in legal offices? If so, call them today and make appointments. Some firms may use these firms' services to fill available opportunities, especially for things like short-term coverage. You could find a temp-to-perm opportunity.

    If there's nothing immediately available in the legal field, what about talking with the temp or placement agencies about finding you a temporary administrative job in another field? If it's temp, you could still look for your legal job, and still be working and earning money.

    Good luck!
  6. I have not restricted my job search to the legal field, thats just my ideal and have found several jobs to apply for. I have been applying to all clerical and even retail (full time) jobs I have seen open. I did try to find an agency to help with my job search, and there doesnt seem to be anything in my area. I guess I wasnt sure what to expect in how long it can take to find a job. I wasnt *too* worried because I am willing to take just about anything for the time.
  7. This times ten. Definitely do not walk into a law firm unannounced. Or call. If someone walked into my last firm's office with a resume, or called after sending in a resume, their resume would go right in the trash.

    Unfortunately, it's a tough economy, even if you are willing to be flexible in your job search. Before I moved to a different state, I probably sent out about 300 resumes with very few interviews. I overheard a conversation with a hiring manager (not for a position I was applying for) that they posted a job listing for a paralegal and had over 700 resumes within a few weeks, and many of them were licensed attorneys. I'm not trying to discourage you, but just understand that it really is difficult to find a job, and expecting to find a job in a matter of a few weeks may be unrealistic.

    I definitely agree with Redney in that looking at temporary agencies may be a great route for you. If you have clerical skills, you should hopefully have an easy time finding temporary work, and maybe something that will even turn into a permanent job.

    I wish you the best of luck in finding something soon!
  8. Have you looked on sites like Indeed.com?
  9. I second the finding of a temp agency. Often you can get placed in a short term (even just a day here, day here, leaving you open to search for perm) really really quickly, even just a day or two after hire. Often you just have to take a few tests to prove you can do the work, they do the usual background and then get working on getting you assigned. Depending on your market this could all take around a week.
  10. Temp jobs are often with hiring afterwards, if that makes sense?

    A lot of my friends (in CA) gets a contract for x month and then offered a full time position after. One was with office sectors at Bofa, another with Lv's customer service dept..

    Hang in, right now it's not the time for retails to hire (usually they do so before holiday season and afterwards there may be opp to stay full time)

    As for office jobs, I would try temp agency like two others have stated
  11. I'd also recommend looking into a temp agency. I worked for one right when I got out of college and I was working in a major investment firm. During that year I was able to make some great contacts that were very useful to me after I ended my contract after one year.

    Often times the companies are also willing to take on their temp-staff.
  12. For retail, call the store to check on the status. Ask to speak with HR or Personnel. Persistence is key.
  13. Thanks for all of the replies!! I hadn't looked into a temp agency but that sounds like it could work out for the type of jobs I'm looking for. Yesterday I actually got a call back for an interview TODAY:biggrin: Its for a full time position at a retail store....
  14. Awesome! Good luck! :tup:
  15. Wonderful! Congratulations!!