30% all full priced items at Active Endeavors

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  1. Sale ends April 30! Use code "noprank" to receive 30% off!
  2. Any codes for sale items?
  3. Thanks for the code!

    But weird, I don't see much of this season's stuff, mainly older items on sale. They aren't going out of business like Adasa, are they?
  4. ^ i noticed that too. they haven't restocked their merchandise and they don't answer emails. that can't be a good sign.
  5. if that's the case, everyone should use their store credits sooner than later.
  6. I ordered a bag recently and because I made a mistake, I emailed the CS. I got a reply immediately and they took care of my problem. I hope they are not going out of business.
  7. the code doesn't work on sale items. :sad:
  8. oh boy...it's not looking good! :nogood:
  9. ^Nuh-uh.

    Also not a good sign if they've done away with human models and their recent clothes are all photographed on mannequins, no?

    Who knows, though...
  10. But they just closed their B&M stores to concentrate on the web business
  11. They got fewer new season's clothes in stock than before. Many brands they usually carry are no longer be there. I hope I can find some good things to spend my store credit.
  12. Are there any codes that do work on sale merch? I love that Botkier Isis tote!
  13. Oh, I hope they're not closing! I love AE!