$30,000 Croc Satchel!!!

  1. I was at Coach on Wednesday and looked in their "Big Red Book" and there are several bags not shown on the website, a couple made of ostrich and crocodile. The new Legacy satchel comes in crocodile for a mere $30,000!!!

    That's craaaaazzzzy!
  3. there was a croc ergo too that was $20K

    If I was spending that kind of money on a purse (which I never would), it would not be a Coach, I'd go Hermes!

    I think that spending $30K on a purse when you could buy a good mid range car instead is crazy. Purses should not cost as much as cars.
  4. I was looking at the Red Book and the New Legacy Leigh bag is made in a burgundy/merlot croc and retails for $10,000. I would not even spend $1000 on a handbag. I think that the most is $800 right now for me. That price is outrageous.
  5. Agreed! If I COULD pay 30K for a bag, the cost wouldn't mean anything...but I agree that a purse shouldn't even be that much in the first place!
  6. Oh my....so true! A bag should NEVER cost as much as a car-it's just madness! :nuts:
  7. MMMM, that purse sounds yummy.....

    (not that I could ever afford a 30K bag by ANY designer!)
  8. Wow...I'd like to see that IRL.
  9. No they shouldn't, UNLESS it comes with a full time driver! A driver who will hold that bag while you are shopping! :yes: I mean, you can't put down a $30K bag just anywhere!!
  10. Yikes!

    My car didn't even cost $30K!
  11. Any picture of this anywhere?
  12. I saw it last night when I was placing my last PCE order. It was a beautiful bag, but I agree that is definitely cost prohibitive to say the least. *LOL* But hey, we've all seen and drooled over Mandy Moore's croc Coach bag (at least most of us have I think) and there is no denying that they're luscious.

  13. Okay!!
  14. Crikee! (Steve Irwin) :crybaby: That's an insane price! I'd like to see a pic, but honestly, to me croc. on a bag just isn't that appealing to me. :push: I must be weird or something. :shrugs:
  15. I would NEVER spend that much on a bag unless it was a Hermes birkin!:graucho:

    I think Coach has lost there mind!:noggin: