3 zip MAC --back zipper?

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2010
    Hey I just noticed that the 3 zip MACs have a zipper in the back but mine doesnt. i have a 3 zip shimmer clutch. why is this? is mine fake?! it doesnt seem fake. Did RM make some 3 zip clutches without a zipper in the back?

    x wow, stop the spam already!
  2. Not to worry! Some have the back zipper, others don't. Style inconsistency seems to be plaguing RM over the past few months.
  3. That's really weird of her to do that!?
  4. I remember reading here somewhere about some of the bags have the back pocket and some don't. I don't remember what factors played a role in determining if pocketed or pocketless.
  5. I did a completed items search on eBay and it looks like the patent black one was made without a back pocket too. There's also a PH 3zip MAC on Bonanzle that is without it.. I thought the haze leathers came with Becky birds lining, but I guess this one is from the SS because it has the striped? That kinda sucks because I think it's quite useful.
  6. ^^Nah, there were two versions of the PH3Z MAC that were sold in regular production. The birdie lining has the back pocket, while the grey striped lining does not. I think we came to the conclusion that it was based on which factory it came from.