3 years with LV

  1. Thats right, 3 years ago today I made my first ever purchase @ LV. My keepall 50 with strap! still looks like really good! I will NEVER ever forget that day as long as I live! in honor of the celebration lol i plan on adding to my collection lol. Have a few choices, gonna need opinions on some but wanted to share my little story lol and pics oh him @ 3 years old lol isn't he cute lol

  2. Gorgeous - I love the light patina!
  3. adorable!!!
  4. what are you planing to get:graucho:
  5. he still looks brand new! What are you going to get!?
  6. Congrats on your 3 year anniv. Your Keepall is looking gorgeous with the light patina.
    What are you going to get to celebrate?
  7. I have been thinking of shoes for some reason? proably because I got new jeans lol ;) I would LOVE to do another keepall just as purchase ya know... my BIG one that I am thinking of... I may be getting idk as of yet and only a few ppl know what it is and I am not telling anyone else just yet. I hope I can get the $ for the BIG one. Otherwise maybe a few small purchases...
  8. is it the the tacky red and blue chains keepal from last season?
    come on spill the beans:graucho: and I'll tell you what im getting this month...
  9. Wow, that's a beautyfull patina
  10. haha congrats, its about 3 years ago i got my first lv too but i don't remember the exact date anymore...
  11. Love your keepall and its patina. Let us know what you are planning to get!
  12. HBD to ur keepall!!! yippie!!! :smile:
  13. Happy Anniversary!
  14. Congrats!! My 3 year is coming up soon as well (May)!!! Your little guy is super cute!! Love the patina:smile:
  15. wow! my 3 year patina looks NOTHING like that!:love: