3 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need your opinion once again. Any suggestions on what I should get my husband for our 3rd year anniversary. He has everything, so this makes it especially difficult.
  2. Of course he has everything, he's married to you!:p

    I'd love to hear suggestions too, my 3 year anniversary is on May 14. :heart:
  3. Have something engraved from Tiffany's...even one of there cute keychains! The man's gotta hang his keys somewhere:smile:
  4. Montblanc pen?
  5. I vote for an experience gift (like race car driving, concert tickets, sporting event seats, or even a spa massage) for guys. Signaturedays.com is a good start.
  6. Is he interested in any particular sports? How about sport tickets???
  7. gifts I've gotten for DH (not necessisarily for aniversary) that went over well:

    Tickets to Sports event
    Any electronic gizmo (he's gadget guy)
    Loungewear with a deluxe shaving kit
  8. Lorihmatthews, how about a custom-made leather belt with your DH's name on it?


    Instead of a name, you could request for another word to be stamped on the belt.


  9. I personally hate those gifts that you can find in the gifts section of a website.. even if it is Gucci. I'm all about gifts that have a lot of thought put in to them. What are your husbands interests? What does he like? If he's in to electronics, get him an iPod with all of his favorite music already on it.. and so on.

    I'm all about getting a few gifts instead one big one. My fiance LOVES soccer and one of his favorite teams is Real Madrid, so for his birthday I got him a jersey, it took me a while (esp from Saudi) to find a soccer jersey autographed by Ronaldo but I did. I also got him Dolce & Gabbana underwear and PJs (D&G is his favorite desginer) and a keychain from Bvlgari cause he has just bought a new car. Now I do wish he wasn't materialistic and would've been happy with something more affordable (He's the spender and I'm the saver in the relationship) but the satisfaction I got from the smile on his face was unbeatable. For our anniversary last year he bought us the Cartier Love Bracelets so I have nothing to complain about when it comes to how much money I spend on him.