3 year old child abducted from holiday apartment in Portugal

  1. Oh no...that's awful. I hope they find her safe and sound...
  2. Roz, thank you for highlighting this here. I've been following this up on the news on a daily basis now.

    My thoughts and prayers goes to the little girl and the family.
  3. this is heartbreaking
  4. How awful! That poor child; I can't imagine what the parents are going through right now.
  5. AWFUL! i pray for her and her parents everyday!
  6. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy and I hope for a safe return of little Maddy.

    What gets me is that the parents left her and their 2 year old twins alone in their room while they ate at a restaurant. Seriously! It's big news here (we watch UK television) and it's a real shame that the local police are keeping so quiet in their investigation.

    She is such a beautiful girl and I really hope she turns up unharmed. My thoughts are with the family and their beautiful daughter.
  7. Every morning I am waking up and putting the radio on, just praying that she has been found. It is just devestating, every persons very very worst nightmare :sad:

    Lets still hope and pray that she is safe
  8. yes. i feel sick for them...
  9. I fear for my kids.
    The world is no longer a safe place for children.

    This is so sad.:sad:
    I will pray for little Maddie's safety.
  10. What parent with a brain would leave their children alone in a hotel room while they left and ate??? The parents are to blame for letting something happen like this to their child. I pray for the safe return of this sweet baby girl. It still makes me think some people should not have children. The parents cared more about going out and having fun than the safety of their children. In many countries the parents would be charged with neglect to have children alone like this.
  11. I have to say I'm somewhat inclined to agree. It's SO awful this poor little mite has been taken but why didn't they use the child minding service that was offered in the complex.

    I would never wish this on anyone but it could so easily have been avoided
  12. I suppose it is on everyone's lips really that they were incredibly foolish to leave such young children alone, quite unthinkable really but they now have to live with that for the rest of their lives if the little girl isn't found or is harmed so I think we should just keep praying for them all.
    The most important thing is that little angel is not suffering at the hands of some awful people.
  13. this is such a sad story I think it's about day 4 now I truly hope there is a happy ending.

    there are 2 that really bother me about it
    1) the police said early on they knew who took her but 4 days on they are still doing door to door talking to people with no suspects held for questions.

    2) the parents did a tv appeal, there was little display of emotion from the mother camera was close up on her eyes- not 1 tear, no cracking in her voice not even watering or teary bloodshot eyes I find that really difficult to understand I tear up reading this thread how can you do an appeal begging for the safe return of your child & not tear up???