3 year anniversary gift from my boyfriend :)

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    I'm on holiday in York at the moment with my boyfriend and we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary. He was in London 2 weeks ago and he bought me a sneaky purchase from Mulberry as a gift.

    I was so suprised, I did not expect it at all. Wanna see? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378751402.605769.jpg
  2. Ah, what a lovely boyfriend!
  3. I'm here!
  4. What a fab suprise!! Show us!! :biggrin:
  5. Ooh exciting, hope you have great anniversary and holiday!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378752027.056204.jpg
  7. Thx :smile: it might be a Mulberry kind of holiday, who knows what I will find in the outlet here ;)
  8. I thought so too, but when my boyfriend saw it he was like f*** I forgot to write something on that. Hahaha he is hilarious sometimes :p
  9. Haha. I would still love that tag, even without a personalized note.

    Now show us what's in the box!
  10. He picked out exactly what I wanted :smile: he must know which pages I look at constantly on this forum :p

  11. Lovely black long wallet?
  12. You've got it :smile: black tree zip around wallet!

  13. It is beautiful! Lovely boyfriend and lovely purse.
  14. Thank you :smile: