3 wks since LV Grand Opening and someone stole already!

  1. I was just talking to a friend, who just started working at a brand new LV boutique here in Florida (She's seasonal btw). She said they already had been hit twice since their Nov. Grand Opening. One walked out with a pair of sunglasses. And the other, a couple of girls were looking at a speedy bag then they ran with it. They even had the nerve to ask for a padlock set before running out. :wtf: Geez...that's pathetic! Now they're planning to hire a security guy by the door. :tup:
  2. The nerve of those thieves! I hope the guy who stole the sunnies drops them on the floor resulting in many scratches on the lenses. :devil:
  3. wow, that's crazy. I thought that all LV had a security guy.
  4. wow that's unbelievable so pathetic people would do that... a few weeks ago i saw a guy steal from gucci he ran out of the store with a big bag the sales people got him though... they all need full time security!!
  5. oh no! that's terrible! I do hope they get some security...
  6. Is the boutique free standing or is it inside an actual mall?
  7. It's an outside mall....so I guess, would you call that a free standing? :shrugs:
  8. Ugh how immature.
    This is why I'm happy that my store has burly guards by the door lol. They're really nice thogh.
  9. They sounds like they already have amazing clientele, so gross.
  10. Well, if it's in a mall, it really isn't, the free standing one that's just somewhere by itself. And example would be one like Beverly Hills.
  11. Thanks for the info. Lvbabydoll! :smile:
  12. That's awful !
  13. Now they really need a security Guard.. All that stolen goods can pay for a guard.
  14. Wow i can't image someone who would steal in Louis Vuitton store. That is so low. They have the nerve to walk in and steal something....running (that's crazy). Did that girl get away? I hope not because that suck. They definitely need a security guy. My store is very small..comparing to South Coast plaza (it's 1/3 the size). The security probably take up 1/4 of the my store. lolz
  15. :tdown::mad::nogood: