3 Weeks to Frankie's Second Ever LV Store Visit!!! (ie. "ZOMGZZzZ!!1!" lol)

  1. Am on the countdown to my Second Ever LV Store Visit!!! And yeh, I'm a little (over-)excited again, hahaha. 3 weeks to go.. [​IMG]
    Well I had such a great time at my first visit that I just can't wait to get back in there again, and will of course mark the occasion with another little purchase. Question is, what?

    I've been thinking (and talking away to myself, lol) here in my bag showcase thread about what to get next, and whilst pondering the various key holders' qualities of hotness vs durability, I remembered loving that gorgeous little Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette! I've really liked the T&B look since it came out, but since I already own 3 agendas I wasn't sure I'd ever end up getting anything in the line.

    But hey, take a look at this.. don't these just look amazing together? This is my good-as-new Congo PM that's winging it's way to me as I type.. these two were made for eachother!! I'm planning on carrying my Congo to the boutique with me when I go, and would love to buy this whilst I'm there to carry with it! :girlsigh:

    What do you all think?


    Gosh 3 weeks suddenly seems such a long time..! I'm going to clip my Panda Clefs onto the Congo when I go too, and will get it hotstamped down there, probably with gold leaf though I've not decided for sure yet. I also need to decide what initials I get stamped.. I'm getting married next year, do I get my married surname initial? Still, either way I think he's going to look pretty darn cute swinging on that bag when I visit the store! :tup:

  2. It looks as if you have a LOT to think about! I think the t&b pochette looks great with the congo!!!
  3. yes! go for it!
  4. The T&B pochette will definitely be a nice complement to the Congo - kind of a rugged and refined look at the same time (the congo and pochette, respectively) - very hip, yet very classic too! You'll have to post pics once you put them together! :tup:

    Your panda cles is in such great condition! Good luck deciding what heatstamp to get!
  5. I would go for the T&B pochette .. it is very cute:love::love: Anything else you have in mind to purchase:graucho:
  6. Article3, I agree.. together they remind me of 1930's safari people driving around in old Land Rovers with a stack of LV trunks and maybe an elephant or two in the back. :yes:

    ShalomJude I have loads else in mind to purchase, which I think added to my relief to have thought of how well the T&B and Congo go together because otherwise I was never going to make a decision! :push:

    Here are my other options.. I'll just grab quotes from my bag collection thread. *lazy*


  7. After seeing all these again it just leaves me feeling how 'right' buying the T&B Mini Pochette seems. :tup:
  8. How exciting! The T&B pochette will look fantastic with your congo!
  9. Fantastic combo!!!!
  10. Ahhhhh, thanks guys. Seems everybody's loving the Congo Combo so far! :tup:

    Whilst we're on (in? lol) that bag, I've half a mind to get the Hermes Crocodile keycharm to hang from my Congo for a giggle... given the name of the bag (I love the name!)and that I live in the outback, it seems reasonably appropriate!


    I definitely want to one day get the Jac & Lucie though for the Congo, they kinda seem nightmarishly voodoo-esque to me.. as though if you lived in a cartoon world and went tiptoeing through the deepest darkest Congo bushland at midnight, they are who you might meet! :devil:
  11. To keep you focused I just took this photo of my T&B with my mono bequia ..excuse the photo:shame:
    LV T&B 29.9.07 009.jpg
  12. ** Must.. stay.. focused!!! ** :push:

    SJ, that's gorgeous. Do you carry it like that when you go out, with the T&B MP on the outside? I love the look of it on the outside of the Neverfull in the ads but always wondered whether people carry them like this..
  13. I have used my T&B mini on my shoe bag but not on the PDV yet ...wait until you visit the store again as a few new things have arrived;)
  14. Frankie, I used to also live in outback QLD, where do you live if you don't mind me asking?
  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the T&B pochette!!! It has a great vintage look to it - within 30 seconds of using it, I felt like I had it forever KWIM?

    It is the best little pouch for inside a bag because of the size, capacity (holds lot of stuff), and I don't have to worry about scratching it inside my bag from either my keys for my fingernails!

    Oh, and the best part, it fits so well side by side on the bottom of all of my bags, next to my MC Small Agenda, with no overlap - therefore no constant readjusting needed!