3 weeks later still no package... should I continue to wait for ask for refund?

  1. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    Thanks girl!! :hugs:
  2. I have the same issue...got the info on 9/5 and today 9/10 it still has the info received status, like it hasn't left.:sad:
  3. Earlier this year, the post office misplaced a Priority Mail package of mine for 4 weeks! They must have sent it to the wrong place, or it fell off a bin. Just when I'd about given up, it showed up, kind of beat up. :confused1:
  4. Actually, yes. Not a hurricane, but a tornado. Remember that tornado that hit northern Colorado about a month ago? Yeah, that was right in my area. So yes, I know what it's like, but no I don't know what's like to lose my home (thank God) or anything else, but power and everything was out for days. It was horrible. But I'm saying, after 4 weeks, something isn't right.
  5. Ok I signed up for the email from USPS for this package, and get this....

    On the website it still says that my package hasn't left.
    In the email I got, it says that it's been accepted.

    Kind of weird!
  6. Hmmmm... I emailed seller 6 hours ago, and still no words from her. I also called her cell phone 2 hours ago and left a message. No words from her yet. Don't feel good about this....
  7. You do have the email alerts too, just to be sure?
  8. ^ what email alerts? :confused1:
  9. ^^^ on the usps.com website. You can have them email the details of the package that was sent to you.

    Enter in the tracking number and then hit "go"

    Then it will give you an update...
    below it... it shows:
    Track & Confirm by email Get current event information or updates for your item sent to you or others by email. Click on the Go button again.

    Enter in your first and last name, email address and also click on the two boxes above where you entered your name, etc.

    Track & Confirm by email (Select at least one option): Email all activity to-date. [​IMG] Track and Confirm by email (Select at least one option Email all activity to-date.
    Email all future activity. [​IMG] Track and Confirm by email (Select at least one option Email all future activity.

    In a short period of time, they will send you an email ... showing where and when and if the package was sent etc.

    BTW- did you heard from your Seller????
  10. Oh I gotcha, I wasn't sure which email alerts TxCoach was referring to. Yes! I already signed up for it a while back but still no changes on the status.

    Seller has not gotten back to me since yesterday........ :sad: I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she was tied up with her kids or something. I'm hoping to hear from her today.
  11. UPDATE!!! What should I do now? Is it true PayPal covers up to 45 days? tomorrow will be the 30th day! If seller keeps postpone the payment, etc. Will I lose my right to get my money back?

    See this email the seller just sent me:

    " Hi Cheweyvy! I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to get back with you,
    we've had some family situations going on:sad: I have still been
    following up on the packages daily but I am getting pretty
    discouraged. I don't even know what to do. I think they are having
    some pretty serious problems with the mail down here. I sent about 40
    packages out Priority the day after Labor Day and they are still
    trickling in. There are still a handful again not showing up. Luckily
    they were not all expensive items, but I am so sick over this. I
    never have had problems like this before with USPS. All they say is
    "sorry....". I need a break from eBay! I think I'm going to stroke
    out from the stress:smile: Anyway, yes of course I will refund you. Would
    you be okay if I do it sometime next week? Since I had already given
    them the money for the items, it's unfortunately coming out of my
    pocket and I don't have that much this week. I don't want to put you
    in a bind though either. Please let me know if that will work? And I
    really hope that we can still keep in touch! Even though we met under
    these circumstances, we got to be friends! And who knows? Maybe at
    some point, your package will show up somewhere. It seems like it has
    to. I told you, if I can make it up to just let me know. Keep my
    number. Write me back when you have a chance:smile: Your friend,
  12. When will she pay you? I will just go ahead and file your claim, don't wait till the last minute. If she do pay you by monday then you can always dismiss the claim. Make sure you save all her email i am going through a dispute right now and it not fun.
  13. so, she's saying she wants to refund you next week ? does that take you over the 45 day period ? i think you should open the dispute now really, what if she doesn't pay you ?
  14. Cheweyvy. I have to agree.
    I will let the seller know that you are doing this and Just to cover yourself - I would put in a claim NOW.
    If you get the package, fine - then just end the claim and tell your seller that too.
    Tell her that you just want to cover all of your bases... etc.
    Nothing against her - you really want the item but you don't want to be out both the item and the $$$$$$$$$$$.

    BTW- I had to do this too, over the summer. The package finally arrived and I ended the claim. At first the seller was irate, but I honestly told them that I am protecting myself as a buyer. Then she respected that and became nice again.

    Good luck and keep us updated and I'm still praying that you get your item too. :smile:
  15. ^^^ thank you all!

    BUT if I file a PayPal claim right now, PayPal will withhold funds from her acct and if she doesn't have enough funds there, PayPal will take $$ out of her bank that linked to her acct. She already said she doesn't have money this week, isn't it cruel to do that to her right now?

    I'm so weak at this... a part of me feel sorry for her, and the other part of me just wishing she is not a scam artist. You know what I mean? I am so confused!!