3 vinyl coco cabas at Chanel boutique

  1. my SA just called me and told me she got three Vinyl cabas bags in. They are going for hundreds OVER retail on eBay, so if you are looking for one, call her!

    Pamela at Chanel in Chicago: 312.787.5500 tell her you are a friend of Tina's. She'll know who you are talking about!!

    If you are looking for one, here it is! :yes:
  2. hmmm . should I???
  3. GO FOR IT!

    i paid $1,300 for mine on eBay!! but i LOVE it! worth every cent!
  4. sjunky13, go get it!!! i also paid over retail for mine, and this is a very great opportunity!
    get this girls....
  5. i just called and the lady to picked up said they dont have any, only 12 denims coming in soon......darn!
  6. I want that denim so bad it hurts. Think I'm gonna go stalk the Chanel store(s) here...:nuts:
  7. so they are gone already? Im always late to the game.
  8. yes, i'm sorry to report they are gone. i just talked to my SA pamela! however if she gets anymore in I told her to call me and I'll post it here!
  9. 12 denim??? :drool:
  10. i've heard that denim cabas is coming for spring/summer. anyone has ever seen it already and knows how much it retails for? tia:rolleyes:
  11. boy they went quick!
  12. the denim cabas is 1295 (or was it 1275).
  13. thanks for the info :smile:
  14. how much longer will the vinyl be available? i want one really bad ><