3 Things You Will Do Differently If You Had A Fresh Start?

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  1. Hi Ladies, thought it would be a fun thread and did not find any similar.......sooooo:

    If you had a chance to live your life again and change a few things from your todays perspective, what would be 3 things you do differently??? That applies to anything - relationships, style preferences, money, you name it - whatever matters most to you!!

    Here are mine 3:

    1. Would enroll in MBA with major in Finance, right after getting my Masters (ideally becoming a hedge fund manager)
    2. Always check men's financials, before even thinking of serious involvement with them.
    3. NEVER mix business with personal involvements/emotions.

    Itching to hear everyone elses - please do share!! Once again, that goes for anything - love, kids, money, career, ??, ??! :biggrin:
  2. 1.) I would've kept taking high school seriously from beginning to end and get a free or almost free college education right after or maybe after a one year break (I'm now starting college all over again six years later!). I would've skipped going to a particular career college for just my associate's, which I wasted 30 grand on (yikes!) and go with a four year college like I am now soon after high school.
    2.) I would've taken care of myself in my preteens and throughout my teens in terms of health/fitness and eaten much better, continued to exercise, and sleep fully every night. My parents didn't do jack about this- no word of advice, discipline, any kind of facilitation. I'd probably be a much healthier, better fit adult like it's second nature (and maybe even taller too).
    3.) I would've worked jobs any chance I could get in high school whether it was during the summer or after school. It's not like I had a busy social life or hobbies that I couldn't do that. I could've built a large nest for things I planned to do as an adult.

    These are huge for me.^
  3. 1. Finished college
    2. Studied abroad at some point in college
    3. I would have tried to not let fear get the better of me when wanting to try new things in my younger years. If there is one thing I have learned in life it's that it is perfectly ok to laugh at myself!
  4. 1. I would have NEVER gotten myself so far in debt (I'm just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Only $700.00 left and I'm 100% DEBT FREE.) It took me 1 year to get into all the debt and 4 years to bail myself out!

    2. I would have taken the offer to study abroad during high school. I was offered a foreign exchange program studying in South Africa for an entire school year. I wish I wouldn't have listened to my parents and just gone for it.

    3. I would have gone to a community college for 2 years straight out of high school instead of going straight to a 4 year university. I had to pay for the last 2 years of college MYSELF because my college fund for me ran out. If I had been smart and went to a community college, I wouldn't have been put in that situation.
  5. 1) Would study something useful (like medicine) rather than philosophy. But I might be deluding myself--as much of a love/hate relationship I have with philosophy, I can't get away from it.

    2) Would have realized sooner that my life was stuck in a dead end so I could have gotten a new start at an earlier age than 28.

    3) I think the above-mentioned two things are everything...
  6. Been smarter with my money, and found out the truth about my husband's finances earlier. Everything else, even stuff I'm not thrilled about, is turning out really well. I certainly haven't taken the shortest distance between two points, and parts of the trip have sucked, but changing any of the major ones would change stuff I really enjoy. So I will stick with the money stuff.
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    Well I am still fairly young but
    1) Not let my managers at work bully and harass me simply because I was young and an easy target.
    2) *cough* not gone to uni at all. Now I do have to explain myself here. Uni is great, you need uni to get into most jobs, climb the corporate ladder and launch a successsful career. However, for me it was a waste of time and money because I could have spent the time studying on my own about topics that related to my career. At the same time I could have been working full time in an entry level position so I could save loads of money to invest into what is now my career. I am a lazy student and have no drive unless it is in an area which I want to be. Now that I am doing what I love I have enormous drive and soon to have money well into 6 figures in my early 20's.
    3) Not be so shy around boys when I was a teenager.
  8. 1. Realize you should never take a guy back after they cheat on you.

    2. Wish I had gone to a school that offered other classes besides what I'm majoring in, because after I graduate, I'll be spending about 2 years in community college before I apply for grad studies. I honestly don't mind taking the 2 years, but it would save some time.

    3. Make more friends while I'm in school. I'm still in college but unlike high school, I am now a bit less social, but it's mostly because I am determined to get As/Bs this semester.
  9. 1. Be an adult and go to bed at a reasonable hour. So many screw ups in college b/c I wasn't getting enough sleep.

    2. Get over my introvert nature and socialize more. It's much harder to meet people as you get older, IMO.

    3. Don't waste money on crap -- invest it instead.
  10. I would learn how to manage money on my own better (lucky DH is good at this)

    I would have finished college

    Married and had children later (not that I regret them because they are my life, but my marriage is really tough)

    I could go on for a while/
  11. 1. Finish college before getting married/having kids
    2. Travelled more before getting married/having kids
    3. Kept my house (even though affording it was a struggle)
  12. 1) control my emotions and not sweat the small stuff
    2) I would have spent more time doing school work
    3) Treat my parents with more respect
  13. 1. Continued playing the flute

    2. Not been so shy when I was younger

    3. Gone to college farther away from home
  14. I should have taken college more seriously--I goofed off too much and didn't challenge myself enough, though I graduated with honors. I could've learned so much more.

    I would wait to marry when I was older and more mature.

    I would've waited to have kids when I was older. I knew nothing but somehow they turned out well.

    I'll add a fourth--we saved a lot, but I would've saved more money for retirement. We never saw the huge economic problems coming and trusted that we would have the promised pension--company cancelled the pension plan and we planned our finances around something that no longer exists. Save, save, save!
  15. 1. Studied harder so I could get a university scholarship, instead of having it funded by my parents.

    2. Invested in shares/bonds/unit trust (using my piggy bank money) the moment I hit 18.

    3. Meet my bf at a later stage. Whilst I've no complaint about what we have now, when I think about it, he's probably the right guy at the wrong time.