3 Things you like about your SA

  1. 1. He goes the extra mile

    2. hes a nice guy

    3. hes allways on hand to help

    Next.... :nuts:
  2. 1. She share things with me from food to life stuff
    2. She always spare me on my fussiness of getting what I want, be honest on which choices the best, which prices are best
    3. She generally polite, lady like, always positive in a way
  3. He:
    -Is super nice.
    -Always checks for prices on items when I call.
    -Goes that extra mile... like extending the hold period from 2 days to 5.

    -Always compliments my stuff.
    -Helps me narrow down choices when purchasing something.
    -Very sweet and polite person.

    Oh... both also have the patience of a saint. :angel:
  4. > knows what im like
    > gets what i like
    > likes what i like
  5. 1. He likes Sushi.. fun when we go to lunch
    2. He always calls me sweetie:blush: or darling

    3. He knows his stuff and his job is his career

    4. He goes to the ends of the earth for me:tender:

    ps. I am going to be very very sad to loose him but very very happy for him as he is up for a promotion to corporate.
  6. 1. He knows what I like
    2. He has patience to help me
    3. He loves showing me things & letting me try on stuff just for the heck of it (when he knows I'm not buying or am done purchasing stuff)
  7. 1)she always asks how my mom is, even though she only came to LV with me once
    2)she always has time for me despite the crowds at this boutique on sundays when i usually visit
    3)she is very sweet, but honest, when something is "not me", she tells me.
  8. He's always nice
    He always makes time for me
    He knows my taste
  9. Shawn

    1. Hot

    2. Treats me like Royalty

    3. Knows what I like, Calls when he sees something I will like, he TAKES CARE OF ME!
  10. 1 Walks me outside the store
    2 She speaks my language
    3 She isn't angry when I am taking long to decide...
  11. 1. Always get's me what I want

    2. Friendly and nice, treats me great

    3. Always shows me the look book and new stuff before it hits the floor
  12. (In random order)
    he is..
    3.hot/cute :shame:
  13. 1. She is so nice.

    2. She shows me all the new stuff.

    3. She is sweet and polite.
  14. I love my Oakbrook SA.

    1. He always shows me bags before the public sees them.
    2. He always asks my opinions about bags.
    3. He know which bags I would like and which bags would waste my time.

    ;) ;) ;)
  15. she is super sweet and fun to talk to
    she gets my love of lv- and other things- we have similar tastes
    she treats me like a vic/vip even though i've never purchased anything from her