3 styles to wear pochette *pic*

  1. I just wanna share 3 styles of pochette which I have created by myself. I just wonder ... Is there anyone do like me? Hope you enjoy! :p

    Just only a pochette wear like a pochette (on your shoulder), like a cross-shoulder bag and like a clutch/ wristlet.
  2. cute pics!
  3. i use mine like your first pic. thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice...I actually prefer the first style. My wrists are too skinny to use it as a good clutch. :sad:
  5. nicee.. thanx for sharing.. ;)
  6. When I get my pochette I am going to clip my Roxbury shoulder strap to it and see how that looks.

  7. same :yes: :yes:

    thanks for the pics..
  8. Once I really want the Roxbury too. I prefer its strap to match with my pochettes too. :graucho: Maybe work.
  9. Oh..lovely!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Lucky ladies to be able to wear the pochette with an extender! I just use it as a pochette attached to the D-ring in the bag. Thanks for sharing the pics in a variety of ways to wear a pochette.

  11. You're welcome Pinki ;)
  12. Great ideas! Thanks!
  13. OMG so cute thanks for sharing
  14. i use mine as a clutch (minus the strap)...it's cute..pics are in the visual aids thread.
  15. thanks for posting pic's :smile: