3 stitchings on wallet

  1. With 3 stitching on the top does it mean fake?

    Shot at 2007-07-20

    I got one with 2 stitching, dont have the stitching on the middle line
  2. well, it is simply fake.
  3. not by stitchings, by the material and label, I can tell you it is fake...
  4. Eeewww!!! Stay Away!

  5. Can you explain? ^^

    Thanks a bunch!:yahoo:
  6. The "heat stamp" looks completely wrong. First of all, it's done poorly (uneven "ink") and the font is not right.
  7. That wallet is a fake.
  8. I agree with everyone else. It is fake. However, the stitching is not what tipped me off. I agree with Karman. The Louis Vuitton heatstamp is totally wrong.