3 Steps Closer to Joinning Purse-Ooooh in Her Homelessness!!!..Lots of Pics!

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  1. OK, I've been really, really bad this month. Not only I broke my own rule of 2 bags per season a long time ago:push:, I kinda went on buying frenzy this month.

    Who could've blamed me? All of those bags I had on my wish-list came popping up one after another! I still cannot believe my luck lately....I basically ticked off everything off of my wish list except for one!

    My Dolma Work was a dream come true. Ever since I saw this older, elegant blonde lady with her smooshily broken-in Dolma Work, I've been wanting one of my own.....now she's mine, and she's in such a fabulous shape, she still retain a lot of its original color and its glaze!

    My Teal Work is certainly a lot more beautiful than I expected it to be....I've seen lots of faded ones here, but this one has the most saturated, teal color ever....I was actually surprised at how bright the color is! And it still has most of the original glaze......:tender: The best thing about this one is the leather!!!! Literally, it has some of the BEST leather ever!!!!

    My 02 Caramel Belted Hobo was a lucky find. I've been wanting this bag for a while, so when the opportunity presented itself, I just jumped on it!:p Honestly, it's so beautiful, organic, and has THE best leather among all the bags I own....and I've been buying these bags since 02!!!

    Anyhow, I better slow down, otherwise I'm really going to be a lady who lives/sleeps in her bags!:rolleyes:

    Here's my 05 Dolma Work:love:



  2. Here's Ms.smooshy 05 Teal Work:heart:




    And my beloved 02 Belted Hobo:heart:


  3. Congrates Tooshies... the dolma looks amazing!
  4. stefeilnately, Thank you!!!:love: I couldn't believe how gorgeous she was, when I ripped open the package!!! The color hasn't faded at all, and the sage green is so intense:heart:

    I was considering to "settle" for the SS08's Sage Green, but I sure am glad I find my Dolma instead!!!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats!!!! Yay!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks, Alaska!!!
  7. OMG - those works are amazing!!! that is the best dolma pic i've ever seen - usually they are so faded and dried out looking, but yours is simply gorgeous.
    the other 2 bags aren't too shabby either ;)
  8. Congrats dear the dolma has been on my wishlist for so long. Your's is gorgeous the color is still nice and saturated but yet vintagy,the leather divine your a lucky lady!
  9. nicole: Thanks!!!:heart: I know!!! That's why I've been passing on Dolma for ages! So you can imagine how excited and happy I was, to find her in near mint condition!

    catcat: Thank you!!! I know, Dolma has been on my wish list for about a year and a half, and I finally got one:heart: Don't give up hope, it'll happen for you as well!
  10. TOTALLY WORTH IT! the bags are gorgeous :biggrin:

    lol you know when we have an addiction problem if i'm encouraging you to be homeless.. ;)
  11. Congrats...MAJOR purchases!!!
  12. pluiee, Mr Posh Spice, Thank you ladies:heart:

    I know, I really didn't expect this to happen! But these babies came in triplets!!!

    Well, at least I've got a lot of bags to pack my stuff into, right??:p
  13. Tooshies-Way to go! I love Dolma and the brown belted bag, what and where did that come from- I LOVE it!
    Enjoy your new home.LOL
  14. congrats tooshies! you're new bags are beautiful! love the caramel! What a unique bag. it's really worthwhile when you find the ones you've been looking for. have fun with them!! :heart::smile:
  15. Slow down babe.. Hhaa.. But both looks great for a preloved bag.. Ur lucky!!