3 Spice Girls having dinner together in London!

  1. Victoria Beckham,Geri Haliwell and Emma Bunton arriving at Nobu London, England - 07.02.07
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. 3 members of Spice Girls having dinner at Nobu restaurant in London!
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  5. fab piccies,

    oh to be the lucky diners sitting next to them last night. Would have been great to hear what they were chatting about.

    Emma is pregnant at the moment, so probably getting some tips from the other two.

    Thanks for posting :biggrin:
  6. They all look gorgeous!!
  7. They look great!
  8. I wish I could say I looked that great when I go out with the girls!....I mean, of course I dress like this all the time too ;)
  9. Gorgeous pics, thanks Lime.
    The look great, but I assume it was cold, so I can't imagine how Victoria could wear those shoes.
  10. i think victoria's perma-tan keeps her warm :smile: cute pics tho. they all look soooo much better than their spice-gal days.
  11. all 3 look good.
  12. Great to see them still friends
  13. They look fab.
  14. they look wonderful!thank you lime:smile:
  15. Nice shots