3 Speedies 3 different sizes, is that possible?

  1. I have been such a speedy fan as long as I know and when I found the wonderful people that authenticate eBay auctions here at tpf I purchased a monogram 30, damier 25 and black epi 25. Here's the weird thing, my damier 25 and epi 25 are not the same size. The epi is about one inch longer than the damier. :confused1::confused1:

    And the monogram 30 is about one inch longer than the epi 25. So, I have 3 different speedies and they all are different sizes.

    Is this normal? My epi has a date code SP0997. Are older epi speedy made bigger or something?
    If anyone know anything about this, please help! Thanks guys!
  2. Correct, the EPI speedy 25 is closer in size to the mono speedy 30.
  3. I was going to say the same thing. Eventhough they have the same name, they are NOT the same size.
  4. I have an old (40 years old) mono speedy 25, and it's quite a bit smaller than my 1-year old damier speedy 25.
  5. wow that's interesting.. i never knew that the 25 in the epi and mono were diff sizes
  6. :sweatdrop: I thought I may have gotten a fake or something awful. Thanks for putting my mind at rest!
  7. I wonder if the sizes are different by when they are made. I looked up in eluxury and the epi has the same size as the damier and monogram now, 10x7.
  8. Am I wrong? I thought the 25 meant the total space. Maybe they cut it differently but it still has the same amount of area.