3 Small bags v. 1 Big Bag??? WWYD?

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  1. So I posted about this dilemma a while back...and I am in a dilemma again.
    I have collected LE pochettes in the Graffiti & CB lines. I hardly ever use them...and in fact I force myself to use them because hubby always likes to bug me and say I don't use my bags.
    I find myself lusting over the bigger bags in these collections (i.e. papillon in Cb and the graffiti speedy). If I sold all 6 pieces I could buy both 'big' bags.

    But at the same time...it's like breaking up the family. But then again...I think I got over-consumed by LV when I first started collecting and bought them just to have them and not to wear.

    What would you guys do?
  2. This may be one of those times you may regret letting your 6 LE pochettes go just to get the 2 big bags, especially if you love your pochettes.

    However, if you are seriously not using the pochettes and are desperately wanting the two bags, I say, sell the 6 and get the two bags you really want and tell yourself you won't regret your decision. LOL

    For me, I really can't accept spending a lot of money to have an LE item unless I'm going to use it a lot.

    Good luck with your decision! This is soooo hard!
  3. I'd sell! That way you can get something you'd use more and love more. :yes:

    Parting with bags is hard, I admit...it took me ages until I got rid of a couple bags, but then I got used to it...makes room for new ones and better things. :graucho:
  4. I personally can't sell my bags I'd be too sad but I would go for the bigger bags because I'd use them more, but as you have the full sets I can understand how hard it would be for you to give them up.
  5. If you don't use the bags then sell it, let someone else enjoy them and you can enjoy some new ones! I'm going to sell some of my purses that I don't use even though i don't want to let them go they're just sitting there.
  6. i'd get the bigger bags...i mean afterall, why would u need 3 pochettes of the same style if u don't use them at all?
  7. I am a bog bag girl as well! Sell the smaller items and get the bigger bags!
  8. What if you keep your favorite pochette from each line and sell the remaining 4? That way you could keep a couple small LE bags for the times you do use them and still have some funds for your bigger bags.
  9. Thanks all! I have a panda pochette I won't part with (unless I could get the Vavin) and a cerises pochette...so I still have a couple small bags.
    I'm really torn. It took so long to get them...hunting them down....and it feels sad to break them up. But at the same time....I am not a collector (don't have the $$ to be) I am a user...and these bags just sit there.
    I'm even contemplating getting rid of some of my cles' because they don't get used!
  10. It is great that you collected all of the sets, but as you say that you are a user and not a collector, then I would recommend that you get rid of the pochettes and pick up the larger bags that you'll actually use more often. Then you can get more joy out of the patterns because you'll see them more often as you carry the larger bags.
  11. I am so nervous to actually sell.....I mean people sell all the time....it's not that big a deal is it?
    I tihnk the problem is that originally I wanted everything from every line....but what's the point? Right? I should have pieces I LOVE! Right?
    Help me out guys & gals....I'm so on the fence right now!

    Does it hurt to sell them? It's like I become attached to bags I never use!

  12. I think you may have anwered your own question. If you are not a collector, but a user, then may be you should sell them. However, I think it would be hard to part with anything that you took time to find and purchase. I am sure the hunt was fun, challenging, and enjoyable for you to locate these pieces. This is a tough one. :confused1:
  13. It is a tough one....the hunt took me over a month to track them all down....and it was fun obsessing over it!
    ACK...what to do!
    The other thing...it was the darn cherry blossom papillon that drew me to LV...and I never even considered pochettes. I got the pochettes because I wanted one of each color combo.....but psychologically I think I just bought them to 'have'...like maybe I got too caught up in the hunt!
  14. I know it's really tough to let go of things you're attached to. I go through this all the time. However, I don't like thinking that I have hundreds of dollars of items that just sit there, waiting to be used.

    LOL, I've even contemplated on selling off my entire collection of LVs and just keeping the Petit noe and wallet! :lol: But I try to keep my collection to 5-6 bags...more than that makes me feel overwhelmed.

    Once you let them go, you will feel less guilty of buying other bags that you can use more because your collection will be smaller. :graucho:
  15. LOL Bernz.....smaller collection I definetly would use them more. I like a balanced collection of everyday bags (Damier/Mono) with some dressy fun bags (LE/Epi).
    ACK......maybe this weekend I'll try it and see what happens!