3 simple things that make you happy + 1 Website

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  1. 1. Opening a cold can of Diet Coke... I get huge amounts of satisfaction out of this, not sure why.

    2. Teasing my cat with a laser-pointer, he loves it!

    3. Watching Dr. Phil -- yeah, you can hit me.

    Website: http://anonymouslawyer.blogspot.com/ Freaking hilarious, especially if half your friends are in law school and strive to end up like this guy.

    :nuts: <--- me wildly happy.
  2. 1. anything that sparkles in the sun--jewelry, etc.
    2. coffee at QT for .54 cents!!! and it's actually good, basic coffee
    3. writing notes at work on pink post-its

    the website: Manolo's shoe blog, I love the Manolo!!!!!!!!!!
  3. What's the link? I'd love to read this!
  4. IntlSet, cute idea for a thread :biggrin:

    1. Waking up with my love (when it happens, we're apart now :sad: )
    2. My morning coffee before my morning workout, reading emails and this blog :love:
    3. A square of 70% chocolate watching a girly show.

    The website: LVs french site, this blog, www.popsugar.com and my fitness forum..
  5. 1. Checking in on my babies and seeing that they are sleeping with their mouths slightly open, all limbs spread out. :love:

    2. Sunday New York Times w/an everything bagel.

    3. The anticipation of "America's Next Top Model" season premier.

    website: www.survivorsucks.com ; a funny website that makes fun of reality shows and their contestants.
  6. 1. When hubby comes home at lunch - he walks to work and comes home for lunch almost every day:smile:

    2. Fishing in Galveston - I love to go to the fishing pier on a beautiful day whether I catch anything or not. Stephen just brings a book and reads while I fish lol.

    3. When my cat wakes me up butting my hand for pets in the night.
  7. 1 To see a smile on my family face.
    2 The smile on my face when I buy a new bag.
    3 My bike.
  8. Just 3! :weird: I'm going to go twice then!:nuts:
    1. Jewelry sparkling in the sun!
    2. The feeling I get (rare as it is) when I get on the scale and have lost weight!
    3. Puppy breath!
    website: www.safariszoo.com

    1. The sound of wolves howling!
    2. The feeling I get petting animals!
    3. the best for last - my husband!:love:

    website: www.splitcoaststampers.com
  9. 1. The feeling after a good work out
    2. Putting contacts in...the world just looks so much clearer! And I hate wearing glasses
    3. ceasar salad or chicken tequila fettucini and a peach ice tea from california pizza kitchen

    website: postsecret
  10. 1. Curled up next to my 4 year old, watching him sleep.
    2. Judging Amy!
    3. French Silk Ice Cream with chocolate chips & caramel on top

  11. 1. Spinning Class. There is no other workout like it.
    2. Dawson's Creek.
    3. Cuddling. ( and kissing!)

    ummm. and any god awful celebrity gossip site. I can't help it, I love to read them!
  12. I couldn't agree more! I have one every afternoon, and I love the sound the can makes when I open it, and how the first sip is so cold :love:

    1. Waking up at noon on a Saturday with the bf, knowing that I don't have do do anything that day.

    2. A good run. I love that last half-mile when I pick up the pace and turn up the volume really loud on my iPod.

    3. Driving home from work on a Friday evening, windows down, blasting music and singing loudly, because it's Friday!

    Web site: http://www.catsinsinks.com :nuts:
  13. OMG! That website is hysterical, although some of the cats scare me.

    Hmmm....three things I love and a website....

    1. Getting a package in the mail, especially unexpected ones.
    2. Eating "authentic" Chinese food.
    3. Getting a grande soy Chai in the mornings.

  14. 1. walking alone in london, with the music i love in my ipod
    2. going to starbuck's or dunkin donuts
    3. when the plane lands

  15. i love postsecret! my boyfriend bought me their book, it's amazing.

    my three:

    1. The Cassie Mae, my english bulldog (please see my icon)
    2. the first time i get to sit down after a long shift on my feet at work
    3. the way that JCrew flip flops last forever, are immediately comfortable, and never pick up rancid foot smell

    web: pinkisthenewblog.com


    http://www.journalism.uga.edu/hollander/jour3410.html <-- my journalism prof's online syllabus. i swear, he's one of the funniest men i've ever met. i've never laughed out loud reading a syllabus before.