3 similar purses..... Different prices, which would you rather buy??

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  1. Alright my fellow PF's! So on my hunt for the perfect top handle purse, I couldn't help but start to notice the way designers are starting to make purses that look exactly alike, just a dramatic price difference.

    For instance:

    This Prada saffiano lux double zip tote:

    Price: 2330$ (made in Italy)

    Now we have a Micheal Kors double zip tote:

    Price: 368$ (leather imported)

    Lastly, the Tory Burch Robinson tote

    Price: 575$ (leather imported)

    Now, I personally am not a Michael Kors fan. It started with the monogram purses (looked too much like the LV style) however, I find myself thinking his new structured bags look really nice. ( I don't think I can bring myself to purchase one still) however, I originally fell in love with the Prada tote at first glance but when my friend bought one, her leather started to crack in the corners and I couldn't help but notice would this be an issue on the cheaper options. The prices of these 3 bags range pretty widely and I just wonder what your thoughts and preferences are on this!

    After seeing these purses all start looking like each other, I stopped loving the Prada and ended up buying a Fendi 2jour. It's still a structured bag that I don't see around too often.

    I really don't like the idea of higher priced bags starting to look like many other designer bags. I think it takes away from the distinctiveness of that particular designer.
  2. i vote for michael
    kors! you could wear it as everyday bag without have to worry to damage the bag! prada is more delicate considering the price IMO
  3. Personally I like the Prada the most- I like how the handles are attached to the bag, it's more sleek than the TB and MK.

    I'm not a MK fan- those bags are becoming the new Coach where I am- they're everywhere, and people buy them because of the name and popularity.

    However, I wouldn't pay full price for the Prada- Prada has good sales and even the outlets get nice leather bags.
  4. Just due to what I have been hearing about the quality of these three bags, I would go for MK, I have heard the TB starts to peel with little use. I am in the same boat as you thinking wise, but just hearing about the quality of the MK bags, I think I am ready to pull the trigger on one of his new ones.
  5. Let's not forget the fourth player in the double zip tote game - Mulberry has one out as well! I think I might also go for the MK. I feel the price point is right and it would be something I'd actually wear a lot.
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    I would go with the MK. They both look really similar but it is hard to justify to pay almost 2k more for the Prada. Designer bag or not, nothing lasts forever. I also heard that Prada quality isn't good.

    I would take off the MK charm though... LOL.
  7. Love the Prada and think that the MK looks cheap IRL whereas the Prada doesn't. But I agree with another posted about Mulberry - Mulberry makes great, really beautiful bags!
  8. I like the prada the most, Michael kors is way to common now, unless you don't really care about that then the Michael kors one still looks good. I have a prada double zip tote and I love it!
  9. I like the Michael Kors one the most but that's just me.

    I'd go that first, then Tory Burch, and lastly Prada.
  10. Though I've been hearing of Prada quality issues as well, I have a Prada saffiano tote which I (still) love (though admittedly I haven't had it for long).

    I think it looks better than the MK, but if you do not want to get the Prada (the price difference is significant), then the MK would be a good second choice. I also have an MK saffiano bag in the Selma - I have had it longer than my Prada, and it has held up well against the abuse. I bought the MK Selma ahead of the Prada since I had hesitation given the Prada saffiano quality issues I've been hearing/reading about, and since the Selma was so much cheaper, I did not feel guilty about buying it and not babying it (in fact, it was pretty abused :P) at all. It is still in great shape - it's been wet many times, stepped on, put on the floor many times, banged against people and doors/walls, etc.

    The Tory Burch does not really appeal so much to me, plus I have also been hearing about issues with TB quality.
  11. I like the look of the Prada best, although I've also heard about quality issues. The MK doesn't look as nice to me, but I would recommend it over the TB one. My saffiano MK tote has held up beautifully, while I had to sell one of my TB ones because the saffiano leather was peeling and rubbing off. It seems to be a very common problem from what I've read/heard.
  12. Hahaha, I went through a similar dilemma! Fell in love with the Prada but didn't want to get it due to quality reasons. After doing more research, ended up majorly coveting the Fendi 2jour. I haven't bought it but am seriously considering.

    Out of these 3, I like the Prada best, then Tory Burch. The two bolt thingies near the top of the MK really bug me and doesn't go with the style, IMO.

  13. Glad to know I am not the only one! Haha but I too picked the Fendi 2jour and can't wait to get it!!! :smile:
  14. Like the Prada better, but I don't like it $2,000 better! Congrats and enjoy your Fendi!
  15. I personally would buy the Prada- it's a classic that will last for years to come!