<3 Show us Your Valentine's Day Nails!!! <3

  1. Happy V-Day/Friendship Day, girlies!
  2. ^Same to you girlfriend! I know your lovely V-Day has already begun! Have a wonderful one!!!
  3. OPI Blushingham Palace
    OPI Think Merry! Pink Merry! Tips
    Maybelline Express Finish in Clearly in Love (Thanks to a VERY special tPFer that sent me HEARTS! for V-day!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!)

  4. Here are some of the Valentines Manicures I've done in the past week.

    First up is
    OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
    Konad White polish for the hearts
    part of one of the designs on plate M3

    Next is
    China Glaze Pink Rox-E
    Finger Paints Expressionist Red for the stamp
    plate M59

    Sorry for the inconsistency in lighting!

    Last is
    OPI In-dia Mood for Love
    Konad White Polish for design
    part of design on plate M3
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  5. hah116 - I love all of your V-day manis. Beautiful work!! :tup:

    To all of my Beauty Bar ladies I'd like to say
  6. wow, these are waaaaaaaaaay cute!:tup:

  7. Very very pretty, i'm dying for one of those glitter lines...i'm just wondering how i could do it......:shrugs:. I need one of those rite stripe pens from Sally's? Somebody help me out...

    Just like Mariah said, very classy!!!

    I love all of them, you're really good with your KONAD :smile:.

    How cute Mariah, the hearts look very nice on you and the french tips are amazing as usual. :tup: You always have great color combos too.

    Here's my contribution...haha, i know, how lame! I've been on nerd mode lately so i didn't have time to do a design, a sticker will have to do.

    ChG ruby pumps from a SUPER special tPFer, and the heart sticker decal is from another SUPER special tPFer, these tPFers rockkkk!!:rochard:

  8. Btw, happy v-day to all of you too :flowers:
  9. Happy Valentines Day :heart::heart::hugs::heart::heart:

    After all the trials I did, I decided to do a simple pink with pink glitter mani for today.

  10. I love light pink polishes. Awesome. Very sweet. My cousin had a mani for Chinese New Year 2 weeks and hers was a soft pink base colour with silver glitter as tips. Very pretty!
  11. Wow, I love these manis! :heart:
  12. This is beautiful for Valentine's Day! I love it! I've been wanting to do Ruby Pumps for V-Day but haven't had the time. Well, I have a few more Valentine's manis I wanted to do, but ran out of time. I think I'll have to give them a go anyway next week. I love hearts so it can be after Valentine's right?

    So pretty! :yahoo:
  13. aqua - Your ruby red nails are stunning! :heart:
  14. Sure thing! I think HEARTS is evergreen, good for every season of the year.:heart:
  15. Base colour: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength "Champagne Toast" given to me by a SUPER tPFer for V-Day. 10Q:p
    I really :heart: this light pink colour. So easy to apply too. I think this is a very safe colour to wear when I carry my favorite bags since I am worried about colour transfer from my nails to my bags. This is not undue worry cos I left marks on my white bay window due to wearing OPI's "Don't Toy With Me".

    Design: Konad Plate 59 in Wine Red.


    14022009006.jpg 14022009007.jpg