<3 Show us Your Valentine's Day Nails!!! <3

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  1. #1 Jan 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2009
    Well, I started on my Valentine's Mani today...It looks better in person than on film but here's the first one I've tried! Let us see your Valentine's Manis/Pedis! :heart::heart::heart:

    Lippmann Collection *****es Brew (thanks Karman for the inspiration for this polish - I :heart: it!)
    Skin Food Prism Nail in a pretty light pink shade (thanks to the lovely tPFer that gave me this shade)
    Heart Nail Decals by Kiss


    As I was looking through the pics I took I saw my pup, Kodi was trying to get in on the action. I had to laugh at this pic! LOL!

  2. those are beautiful, i wish i could do my own that pretty! :smile:

    i just have french right now, but i might do something similar to yours next time i go for a fill :smile:
  3. here's your picture! it's so pretty!! i love the decorations in the background :biggrin:. you do a totally awesome job with your nails. that color is sure gorgeous on you. where do you purchase your Lippmann polishes from?
  4. Very cool!
  5. love it!
  6. Wow, I almost forgot I ordered this!

    I got the Everyday Minerals blush (large size) in Cookie Sheet; it was a toss up between this and walkee talkee which is also gorgeous. Not bad for $8! I'm not so patient with the whole swirl and tap ritual of mineral makeup, which is one reason why I don't like mineral foundation. BUT this blush goes on amazing and is helping me satisfy my new I-haven't-worn-blush-in-15-years-and-now-am-obsessed craving!!
  7. I love it! Your so talented!!
  8. Mariah - you are awesome! Your nails are soooo pretty and the heart decals, oh wow! You know what I like best other than your beautiful mani? Your backgrd! I love it, where did you get all those decorations from and how did you do up your place??? wow!!!!! I like! :heart:

    And your Jack Russell, my bff has one too but hers (named Russ) is more blackish.
  9. ^Hey, Viv, my other Jack Russell, Judd is black and white! :smile: I love them to pieces!

    I am a true lover of hearts so I kind of have a small collection. I bought a bunch of stuff at Michael's and I decorated my staircase because I hate taking down Christmas decorations and seeing how sad it looks afterward. This way I get more decorations for another month! I know, I'm kind of weird like that...LOL!

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! You are all too nice to me, really. I have LOTS of V-day manis on the brain! Can't wait to see yours!
  10. Wow, they look so pretty! I have always wanted to try a non-traditional French mani/pedi but have never had the guts.
  11. ^Thanks Jellybebe! You are such a sweetie! And from one of my favorite LV people! :yes:
  12. Oh, that is so cute!
  13. Your nails are AWESOME Mariah9999! You have given me inspiration for V-Day nails!!! How did you get the tip so straight and perfect? I'm sure there's something I can go buy LOL

    Oh and I have two JR's too! Your two are too cute! and I don't know how old your two furry babies are but I have a 5 year old and an almost 11 year old and let me tell you the 11 year old acts like he's 2 still! HE'S STILL CRAZY! HAHA!
  14. Those look awesome!
  15. OK, here's my second V-day mani! :heart: This one is inspired by the LV Sprouse Roses collection. I have to admit this one took awhile! :nuts: Who wouldn't want this for Valentine's??? Especially if the box has something from the LV Sprouse Roses collection in it? :graucho:

    Essie Exposure
    Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Vibrant
    Rose Decals

    The pic doesn't show as well...my nails are BRIGHT pink!