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Aug 21, 2006
well i sort of mentioned it in the other thread. i bought a bag and agenda from another country. it was brought to me personally here. the agenda looks dirty in one corner and there's something wrong with the epi on the tab- i can't explain it but it looks like leather shavings. it came in a box and tissue with an lv sticker but no dustbag.

so i'm a little afraid to exchange it- how do i explain how i got it and are they going to look at me weird without the dustbag? that's why i thought i should buy something. so they didn't hate me.

I would first call 866-Vuitton and ask them if they do returns from another country here at the US stores. I have no experience in overseas store purchases. If not a problem.. then not a problem. its not your fault that your items are not up to par and that you did not get a dustbag. Take it back and don't worry about them hating you. You are the consumer and have every right to be satisfied. IMO


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Nov 3, 2006
thank you. i asked the SA at the store I got it from and she said as long as it's with the reciept it's fine. I have that so I'm not worried. I thought they might give me a hard time because it was also cheaper than the US