3 questions

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  1. 3 questions:-

    1) what is your definition of materialistic?
    2) are you materialistic according to your definition? If so, are you worried?
    3) how do you feel if your friend said he wants a wife who is 'low maintenance'?

    I have very bad mental organisation. Reason why I asked these questions is becos I have been wondering if I am materialistic. I love jewellery, I am a watch freak and now I like bags. Recently someone said he would love to have a wife who is low maintenance. It kind of makes me wonder if I am high, medium or low maintenance. I wouldn't want to be a burden to my husband and worse, I am afraid that I might have turned materialistic. And btw, I didn't really like the person's remark that he wants a low maintenance wife. Guess it reminded me too much that many guys are saying Singapore girls are too materialistic these days!

    Sorry if I am not making much sense. :shame:
  2. My first attempt accidently got erased. UGH!

    Anyway, here's my opinion.

    1) Materialistic is when someone enjoys or doesn't mind spending the extra money to have the finer things in life, whether it's cars, jewelry, handbags, or clothing... anything really. Maybe houses? I'd never say being materialistic is a negative thing. If you can do it... do it! The only people who call people materialistic and want to be mean about it are those who haven't been given the chance to be materialistic about anything.

    2) I can openly admit that I am materialistic. It doesn't go to my head, I don't run around going, "haha, I got this and this". It just is what it is. I'm very self-sufficient and I fully pay for everything I have. It's my money, if I want nice things... so be it. As long as it's not ruining my life, I don't think it should be of anyone's concern. I'm not worried about it.

    3) Low Maintenance can be many different things. Some women don't need very much affection, some can pay their own way, some just don't feel the need to buy anything extra for themselves, or maybe he wants someone "low maintenance" because he figures that none of his income will eventually be her's. It really depends on how each person defines it. I've never been called low maintenance before... or high maintenance really. I've had friends joke about it, whether they were serious or not, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't really bother me if someone says they want someone either high or low maintenance. If they're looking for something that specific, I'm sure it will be hard to find. Heck, it's probably hard to find a lady who doesn't want to be pampered!

    Just my opinions... no one else was really jumping at the chance to reply to this one...
  3. this one's hard to answer, i think.

    i feel that materialistic can be negative because there's a focus on appearance and image. however, attention to appearance and image is necessary in our lives because we can't look like a slob and expect respect. materialism is detrimental when we put inordinate value on things and judge ourselves soley by what we have (and others). sure having an expensive item looks good, but does it mean someone is wealthy? or honest? or a good friend?

    i don't think i'm materialistic. i just have an opinion as to what looks good.

    low maintenance...i think the definition is individual. i see a 'low maintenance' woman as someone who doesn't need constant attention, is decisive, doesn't need constant affirmation of her worth from him...basically independent. i guess he could also mean how much she spends on herself. the best way to ask what he means by low maintenance.
  4. Well said, all three of them :smile:
  5. Generally speaking, I am high maintenance but only to myself. Why? Well, I buy my own clothes, bags....everything. I never asked or expected my guy to get me any of those. If he wanted to provide me all those, then I'd be high maintenance to him. But I'm not. =)
  6. 1) what is your definition of materialistic?

    I think materialistic is when your entire life revolves around material goods and if the person is unaccepting of others who can't live up to those standards.

    2) are you materialistic according to your definition? If so, are you worried?

    I'm not TOOO materialistic, but I have to say that I'm probably at least 40%. I have nothing else to do but shop and go to school :biggrin: Also, I would hope that the man I find has some concept of style and class :love:

    3) how do you feel if your friend said he wants a wife who is 'low maintenance'?

    I've heard that before, and I just feel like they are either cheap or lazy :lol:
  7. When I married my husband we were both very well off and I was full of demands. Well I think God works in amazing ways...Hubby and I BOTH got laid off and I got sick.

    Well when you are in the hospital all the time you don't have pedicures, and manicures, and facials. Oh yeah add 80 lbs and glamour goes out the door :weird: .

    Oh wait had to move (6 times)...oh how the Lord works.
    Well we were humbled, priorities changed, materials became just that-materials, and God and each other became the priority.

    Fast Forward again...DH changed careers and we are better off mentally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually then day 1 (if physically I could get back to day 1).

    Was I high maintenance? Yes throught it all. I hated wearing the hospital robes so I took my own P.J.s I started off by getting them at Nordstroms and then near the end I was picking them up at the clearance rack at Target (but either way I was high maintenance), I painted my nails throught it all, I took care of myself and dressed up for operations. (Some days I looked like a train ran me over)

    Make-up was almost always on the menu and the day that I was released from the hospital I went to the mall, ran into my surgeon and he ordered me home.

    My budget has has been anywhere from $3.00 to "whatever you want". Throught it all I was me, girly girl...maintenance required
    Will I always be one who loves make up and shoes and purses? YES, life showed me that I will always be like that.

    But the first day when I met DH I told him that I must have a lot of things but 4 years latter I have experienced life and I know all I need is my God and through Him all things will be taken care of.
  8. 1) what is your definition of materialistic?
    Answer: To me, it's caring more about STUFF than about people! I love collecting stuff, but I always remember what really matters in life!

    2) are you materialistic according to your definition? If so, are you worried?
    Answer: I'm a little materialistic because I really DO like collecting stuff, but I will sell anything in an instant if the money was needed for a real purpose (ie, sending my child to college, etc...)

    3) how do you feel if your friend said he wants a wife who is 'low maintenance'?
    Answer: ALL men say they want a "low maintenance" wife. The previous poster who said men are lazy is right! (apologies to the males on this forum). You will never hear a man say "I want a high-strung, uppety wife!" LOL! I think most men pick a wife they think is as low maintenance as possible, but we all turn into something else later on! ;)
  9. Not my hubby...he says he loves those "maintenancey" things about me. Even when I wear his sweatshirts I usually have a matching ribbon in my hair and some lip gloss :biggrin:.

    He actually called and got me a facial appointment when I had let things get out of control. Don't get me wrong he is not shallow, this is the guy who stood by me as I gained 80 lbs. and threw up all over him. He just loves the feminine things about me if that makes sence.
  10. I think once a man actually marries he doesn't mind the "maintenance" as much. ;)
  11. 1) What is your def'n of materialistic? To me, being materialistic means basing your self worth on possessions. So, if you're materialistic, the less 'wordly' things you have then the less valued and important you feel.

    2)Are you materialistic acc/ to your def'n? If so, are you worried? I think that I appreciate and cherish the finer things in life. Maybe in other ppl's opinions I may be materialistic, but I do not think I am. I simply enjoy items of superior quality and want to look my best. I do it for me, and nobody else.

    3) How do you feel if your friend said he wants a wife who is low maintenance? Every man wants a different kind of woman, and if he is the kind that does not appreciate all that you are (even if you are 'materialistic'), then he does not deserve to be with you. Low maintenance can mean many things, and I am sure that if that friend is truly in love with a girl, then even her 'materialisticness' will be endearing. Gals have the right to pamper themselves!:biggrin: And come on, guys are 'materialistic' too... they spend tons of $$ on electronic gadgets and their cars!
  12. We went on one date and got engaged and then got married 3 months latter so I with him this is all I've known. :love:
  13. 1) what is your definition of materialistic?

    When you spend lots of time and money thinking about and buying material things (cars/clothes/bags etc) that you cant take with you when your dead. Also when you value them above other things in life like family/friends etc.

    2) are you materialistic according to your definition? If so, are you worried?

    Some months I am and i'll just blow all my money at once on something i've been obbsessing over. Other times i can go months and months on end without ever buying anything (not even a cheap high street t-shirt) or even thinking about shopping.

    3) how do you feel if your friend said he wants a wife who is 'low maintenance'?

    I'd say he's cheap - lol just joking.

    Really - if thats how he feels then thats fine by me, after all people like different things and see life differently/ have different opinions. Personally i dont think you shouldnt love someone just because they like the more expensive things in life. As long as they can support their habbits themselves and dont expect you to pay for it, it shouldnt even be an issue.
  14. interesting thread...must read later,must do the dreaded Saturday chores...
  15. 1) what is your definition of materialistic?
    A person who's life is spinning only around materialistic things. (like handbags :biggrin::biggrin:)

    2) are you materialistic according to your definition? If so, are you worried?
    Im quite materialistic , more than other people, but I have the luxury to be materialistic because I know that it's not the most important thing in the world and I know how to appreciate the basic thing in life like health, familt, friends etc.

    3) how do you feel if your friend said he wants a wife who is 'low maintenance'?
    I'd say: "well honey then you aren't the right guy for me".