3 Purchases w/in 2 weeks! Is that okay?

  1. I just got the MC Trouville last week & just ordered the Vernis Cles as well today. Anyways, my friend offered me a great deal on the Gucci Hobo Britt I'd been wanting way before I was into LV. It's $150 cheaper than retails (excluded tax). So what should I do?
    1. Get it
    2. Save the money for Xmas????
    The only thing I'm considering is it's such a good price and I love the Hobo Britt. I don't know what to do....:confused1::confused1::confused1:

  2. Which Britt hobo is it? I love the Britt collection...get it, get it!
  3. It's the white Gucci Hobo.
  4. Get it!
  5. THANKS FOR YOU GUY'S OPINION. but I'm gonna get it during Xmas at the store. I like the service better. Thanks.

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  6. That thang was 40% off this summer, so 150 off is hardly a steal. Wait til Xmas!