3 orange cylinders, no Cape Cod yet...

  1. DH has learned how to make me feel better when I can't get what I want instantly. With my on going search for The Picotin (MM in Barenia) and contemplating on the size of Cape Cod Double-tour I got somewhat frustrated. Well, I am just a little frustrated but made a drama :graucho:. Well, it paid out :upsidedown: today. DH went out to do his errands and I stayed home to catch up on my chores. He came back...with these 3 adorable cylinders in orange :love:. He knew I like the "Eperon d'Or" since the last time we bought one in brown together. He also has heard from me that I liked the "Projets carrés" but the second plisse he chose himself :smile:.
    I know that one is "Projets carrés", twilly is "Eperon d'Or". But what's the other plisse'? It has some flora motif along with what looks like some mayan or aztec :shrugs:. Please, help me to identify it :heart:
    20071222(005)_1.jpg 20071222(008)_1.jpg 20071222(009)_1.jpg 20071222(010)_1.jpg
  2. Also, a couple of very modest action pictures from the happily surprised me :shame:
    20071222_1.jpg 20071222(001)_1.jpg
  3. Wow... loved everything your DH got you. Love it even more that he didn't make you wait until Christmas to open the cylinders... he's a keeper. Congrats!
  4. Ooh plisses!! Loove plisses! He´s got very very good taste, you look great!
  5. How sweet of DH to surprise you! He chose very well!
  6. Ohhhh Congratulations!!!! I love a man who can go out and shop on his own!! I think I need to work (or refine) the drama angle 'cause all it gets me is a hill of beans and the expectation of dinner:nogood: (fauva beans and... I have everything else at home dear, hurry back).
    Sorry, no info. on the mystery plisse, it's a beauty and I'm sure somebody knows which one it is. I just got into the scarves. Being a leftie the knots I tied while studing the booklets always lookes like sh@t -never could reverse well- but (i'm an excellent driver):p . I've developed a love for 'the scarf ring', and so I can play around tying then just throw it in and still win:tup:.
  7. Congrats, the man's a keeper :tup:

    The plisse looks like Jardins D'Hiver?
  8. Birkin123, thank you :smile:. Oh no, he could never ever made me waiting :nogood:. Why wait? Lets enjoy the moment and get another pressie closer to the Christmas and may be New Year, KWIM ;). I am lucky this year, it's the second set of Christmas presents I got so far :p (well, it has been a tough year for me after all =)
    Nola, thank you :heart::rolleyes:. He's got a taste alright but he also has a good perception, KWIM
    A-T-G , thank you for your kind words. There's nothing better then a well prepared surprise (hints, hints, hints!)
  9. Love them all. My DH would be totally overwhelmed at H.
  10. Oh congrats!! He did really well! My DH has made the attempt before, but thank goodness H has a liberal return/exchange policy--LOL. I know they say it's the thought that counts, and it is, but it's even nicer when they get it right like yours did!
  11. Ooh I appreciate it :heart:, E!
    He can take a big repetitive hint :boxing:and then go shop on his own, LOL. This primitive technic of mine + refined drama angle will get you desired results (and you'll get to keep your fava beans, too^^). Hey, I'm not that smart, I just tune in :sneaky:.
    No matter how it happened but DH has made a good surprise today and I am happy for now.
    Yeah, I hope that somebody will step out with the info *sigh* - putting on a total gentleman DH threw away the receipt with the names of the scarves! I have some scarves but realized I know absolutely nothing about wearing them right. It's a hit and miss game for me. Besides, if not for the booklets it would have never occured to me how many ways to wear a scarf there is! I didn't get to the "knots" point yet. I am happy if it doesn't look weird on my head (who can see a knot on the back of my head? I can't =)
    Wow, EH I am a leftie, too :yahoo:! (actually it doesn't come as a surprise^^), although I don't drive:shame:. A scarf ring is a great idea then. A bit of sophistication won't hurt me I suppose^.
  12. Your plisses are beautiful! (Also love your necklace, BTW) Your hubby is so sweet. I will try your technique and start repeating my latest desirement, but drama gets me nowhere, LOL!
  13. All hail the lefties!!!!!! All hail the 'ring'!!!!Yes, if knot for the ring, I would still have my meager collection of unworn scarves! I have never 'tied one on' my head ('cause can't use ring), but you have inspired and so I will try! I have one plisse that I bought when they first came out and I will work with it!!! It looks great on you!
  14. Loony, merci beaucoup :yes:! Nope, it is not Jardins D'Hiver :shrugs:. It has this Mayan and Aztec motif but mostly there is South American flora.
    Rocker and Cynthia, I thank you very much and my DH is proud of himself thanks to you, ladies :biggrin:. He goes around the house now saying "Is there anyone better then me here?"
    He kind of liked buying the scarves because, I quote him "Hermes scarves are all beautiful so I can never go wrong". I think he just found the easy way out :happydance:. But yes, it is great hermes has a liberal return/exchange policy :tup:
  15. Florasun :cutesy:! Nooo, he is just bitter-sweet :p: more bitter then sweet but it is the sweetness we tend to notice.
    Oh no no no: don't overdo the drama! All in moderation :okay: and in conjunction with a "quiet days" :angel: